Dr. Jean-Marc Dumoulin, orthodontist, rises to the occasion of new challenges. Stepping outside his comfort zone, innovating, moving forward … this is what drives Dumoulin both personally and professionally. This passionate enthusiast savors life with a capital L.

The achievement you are most proud of?
My family. Both my sons, now adults, have enabled us, as a family, to share new experiences and unforgettable moments.

One thing that most people don’t know about you?
I would have liked to be anarchitect. Everything about design fascinates me. I even designed the layout for my closet!

Favourite restaurant?
Bistro Vino in Saint-Sauveur. Chantal and Tony offer outstanding service.

For a business lunch, we are likely to find you… At Primo & Secundo, an outstanding restaurant in Little Italy.

A city that inspires you?
New York, to be entertained, have fun, and to dine well.

The vacation of your dreams?
To experience the islands of French Polynesia, including Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tahiti.

What distinguishes Quebec from the rest of the world?
It’s a land rich in good people, artists, businesspeople, scientists, who travel and contribute internationally thanks to their talents, their genius, and their perseverance. We should be proud!

A designer who inspires you?
Tony Hatter, who designed the new Porsche Cayman.

Your favorite book?
Winning by Lou Holt. No need to play football to learn lessons from this life coach emeritus.

A great painter… A Quebecer, Sébastien Larochelle, for his originality and large canvases. I love his paintings of horses.

Your philosophy of life?
Be the best you can be.

Three values that define you?
Integrity, family, perseverance

Causes dear to your heart?
Foremost, Smile for a Lifetime (www.s4l.org). The mission of the Quebec division is to provide patients in need with appropriate treatment for their conditions. Next in line, support for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

Your definition of happiness?
Living in the moment, making time for one’s passions, and facing new challenges.

Something that irritates you?
Lack of respect and abuse of trust.

A gift to give to an acquaintance or a friend?
A smile.

The biggest achievement in your career… My career itself. I always dreamed of being an orthodontist. This exciting profession allows me, every day, to meet both young and older people with whom I enjoy working. I love the rewarding and challenging social interaction with people. I believe that success is the result of multiple consecutive battles won through perseverance and ambition.

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Collected notes by: Sandra Cliche
Photo: Paul Doumit