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Original title: Devimco – Building the future

The story of Devimco began modestly in 1988 when Serge Goulet, who had just finished a degree in finance, founded his first commercial real estate development company. At the time, Quebec’s economic climate was very challenging, especially for a young team with little funding or experience in the field. Thankfully, what they lacked in experience, they made up for in passion. During the period 1988-1995, Mr. Goulet and his associates learned their craft. Although not an immediate success, the company gradually established itself, using these years to develop a vision for the future of the business. This vision became especially relevant when the economy recovered in 1995. In the years that followed, taking advantage of the booming economy, Mr. Goulet founded GPG Devimco, a consortium that, little by little, made a name for itself in the real estate community

Devimco then moved into high gear and, inspired by the most interesting projects in North America and Europe, began work on a flagship development that would transform Quebec. In 2002, the company broke ground on the colossal DIX30 project. This highly innovative ‘lifestyle’ centre combines commercial space with entertainment venues and, in many respects, meets the needs of both consumers and retailers. In addition, Serge Goulet was able to rally an unprecedented number of investors for his development project. Thanks to his business savvy and pull within the industry, he made sure that the project’s design was backed by the Quebec business community.

The DIX30 project was only the first step, because Mr. Goulet realized that it was possible to go even further in implementing the ‘lifestyle’ concept. Wanting to create a complete neighbourhood, Devimco is now working on Solar Uniquartier. The idea behind this project is simple: create a community that combines business, residential and commercial spaces while focusing on the importance of transportation, the environment and residents’ quality of life. Also, it offers all the benefits of the city without the drawbacks, as the new REM will link the project directly to downtown Montreal.

In addition to these developments that are actively shaping the Quebec of tomorrow, Mr. Goulet and his team are working on a series of equally innovative ventures, which include several projects in Griffintown, the Square Children’s project in downtown Montreal, and the Maestria project in the Quartier des Spectacles. The common thread through all these developments is that they integrate the buildings in a way that showcases the heritage of the district in question. These projects add value by respecting the vocation of each community, and what makes them special. Today, Devimco is the largest residential developer in the province, accounting for about one-third of the sales in new construction, selling an average of over an average of over 1000 units per year since 2017!

This approach is just part of Serge Goulet’s values. In fact, this native of St-Joseph-de-Beauce is not only driven by the desire to create projects that transform Quebec, but wants to create living spaces that foster interactions among residents, like a village where people share values and a common identity. This approach, is increasingly being adopted by condo buyers who not only seek comfortable high-quality homes, but also look for places that reflect who they are; places where they can live, work, and raise a family within a community that shares common values. Mr. Goulet frankly admits that he and his entire team strive for this sense of identity. It is the cornerstone and soul of Devimco. For him, the most important element is to make sure that his employees develop a taste for innovation. He even requires them to travel each year, to get inspired by the best projects in the world and thus bring added value to the company. Most importantly, however, he wants to ensure that his people deliver at their fullest potential.

It is safe to say that Mr. Goulet is one of the key players in the transformation of Quebec. Projects currently on the drawing table will begin to take shape in the coming years and demonstrate that, for Devimco, innovation is a way of life.
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