Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and visionary of Stradigi AI

Basil Bouraropoulos

Original title: Basil Bouraropoulos

Basil Bouraropoulos is living his dream. He and his long-time friend, Curtis Gavura, own and operate STRADIGI AI, a world-renowned AI solutions provider, making headlines in national media and around the world. Basil’s world is about to change for the better as he and his wife await the birth of their first child, a daughter, in the coming days. Basil is resolute to make the world a better place as his legacy to his daughter. This legacy will honour the theme of “great things for humanity”. Strong family values are Basil’s most important passion, thanks in great part to his parents. His belief in self and drive to succeed were nurtured by mother and father, always telling Basil “there is nothing you cannot do.”

Stradigi AI was founded in 2005 by Basil and Curtis as a traditional IT company. The two met, age 19, while students at the Academy of arts and design in Montreal. The lifelong friendship and venture started here. Going to school by day, these young men took on freelance projects designing and programming IT solutions which they fulfilled by writing code at night. They loved building solutions to solve problems.

Today, Stradigi AI employs 120 people. The company fosters those strong family values which promote loyalty, respect and transparency. Staying true to these core values is important to Basil who is selective as to who the firm will partner with. Potential partners are vetted closely and must embrace similar values and be dedicated to working towards a better future. The same philosophy applies to Stradigi AI’s talent; a diverse workforce which includes researchers recruited from around the world. Twelve different languages are spoken by employees within the company—a great asset, as the company prepares to conquer world markets and take their solutions global. Their business strategy included opening an office in Toronto in early 2019. An office in Brazil is expected to open later in 2019, and a new office in the U.S. is also planned for 2020.

In 2014, the company morphed from a traditional IT business into an AI company when Carolina Bessega, PhD, and her husband, Jaime Camacaro, PhD, joined as co-founders. Originally from Venezuela, Carolina applied different machine learning techniques including neural networks to various situations as Director of the Nonlinear Phenomena Lab in Venezuela. A pioneer in the field of AI since 2002, she was part of the team that brought Stradigi AI into the AI world. Passionate about the development of new technology, Jaime generates new ideas in the fields of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and recommender systems. With their arrival at the company, the foundation of the new AI orientation was complete. Basil’s passion for problem-solving is what sets Stradigi AI apart. The company builds solutions that propel businesses forward. Culture and values guide their client relationships. Their platform and solutions are turnkey. Stradigi AI works hand in hand with their clients to ensure bottom line results and helps create a strategic advantage. Being a different kind of company is part and parcel of building a different kind of future.

Stradigi AI will be debuting their AI platform to the world in the next 30 days, a result of 5 years of research and development. This one platform will have infinite applications. The opportunity that artificial intelligence presents is the power to draw deep insights from complex data systems. Stradigi AI’s expertise spans across a wide range of AI disciplines, giving them a competitive edge in identifying the most pressing business challenges. The platform is flexible and scalable to evolve with a client’s needs. Research never stops as algorithms continue to be improved, and the platform is enterprise oriented to better forecast recurring revenue streams

Basil is passionate in his role as CEO. He is the visionary for the business. His outlook in both the short and midterm is to concentrate on hyper growth and the continued development and improvement of products. Shaping and guiding the company’s vision to create a better tomorrow through the responsible use of best-in-class AI technology is a significant responsibility. When asked what AI for humanity means to him, Basil reiterated his commitment to creating AI solutions that can help humanity by enhancing people’s day to day lives, which is why Stradigi AI will only support businesses and organizations on projects that do no harm and drive positive social outcomes.

Stradigi AI is the official AI sponsor of the Montreal Canadiens, and an old encounter has developed into a serendipitous relationship. Basil fondly remembers waiting patiently in line with his brother at the Montreal Forum for autographs from players exiting the rink. When Kirk Muller agreed to sign, Basil realized he had no pen or paper! Lucky for Basil, Kirk walked him to a nearby corner store to purchase the supplies, and signed on the spot. Stradigi AI’s recent sponsorship with the Canadiens has brought Kirk back into Basil’s life. Kirk is now a member of the Stradigi AI Advisory Board and has become a close friend. Basil says Kirk hasn’t changed since that first chance encounter, and is still an incredible person.

On a personal level, aesthetics, colour and design are dear to Basil, who considers himself to be very visual. He especially loves digital art and is very proud of the outstanding design of the home that he and his wife teamed up to realize, working with Presti Homes and Developments.

Basil’s father, an audiophile, instilled in him a love for music at an early age. He uses music to disconnect from business as often as he can by donning his earphones and losing himself in sound.

With technology constantly on the brain, Basil’s love for cars — McLaren a top contender — feeds a vested interest in forward thinking brands. Basil is also involved as an Angel Investor in several ventures, satisfying his passion of being a serial entrepreneur. Stradigi AI’s company mottos are “We can do that” and “Always on call”. With baby on the way, it won’t be long now until those words are spoken equally at


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