André Parisien on top of his game

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André Parisien, broker for Playground, an Intrawest company, slid effortlessly into the world of real estate. This sports enthusiast and avid skier discovered his personal playground, Mont-Tremblant. As top broker at the company, he is proud to watch others fall in love with a place he so enjoys.

The accomplishment you are most proud of: My professional and personal life. I have been married for 25 years to an extraordinary woman who shares my passions and understands me. Name one thing that most people do not know about you: I am direct and straightforward, and I know when people are telling the truth. What is your favourite restaurant, and what is your top pick on the menu? Chez Patrick Bermand for the steak tartare, and Ferreira Café for the roasted black cod. Where can we find you at cocktail hour? At bistro-bar La Forge in Tremblant. I hold so many business meetings there that I almost consider it a second office. A city that inspires you: The ski resort town of Zürs, Austria, where I go about three times a year. What is your dream vacation? To ski in powdery snow in Japan. Name a designer that inspires you: I love fashion, especially Italian brands like Versace, Canali, and Zegna. What is the best life lesson you have retained over the years? To work with the public. You must be able to listen to people. For you, the height of luxury is? Being healthy, and in good shape. What is your philosophy on life? You need to enjoy every moment of every day. Three values that define you: Generosity, a good sense of humour, and honesty. What is your definition of happiness? Being surrounded by friends, for a nice dinner for example. Your biggest pet peeve: People who can’t make up their mind. What decorates your office? Skis. And extra clothes to be able to immediately jump on to the slopes. The highlight of your career: Joining the ranks of Intrawest to do a job that I love. What music you are you listening to right now? I love classical music. Angèle Dubeau is one of my clients and I am happy to support La Pietà. But I must confess; I also like to spend time at the Tremblant Blues Festival.

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photo : Yves Lefebvre

André Parisien on top of his game – e-mag

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