A permanent cultural complex made with old metro cars will be built in Griffinttown

MR-63 is on track more than ever. This project, including the space on which it will be built, will total a value of $28.8 millions. It is led by brothers Frédéric and Etienne Morin-Bordeleau and will take place in the Griffintown district on Place William Dow, at the corner of Peel and Ottawa streets, in order to bring about a necessary cultural renewal.

The project crosses an important milestone with its partners from the Government of Canada, Desjardins and the SAQ as it announces that it has exceeded the milestone of $20.8 million in funding and unveils the first renderings of its plans developed with Rayside-Labossière and IVY Studio firms.

This project would not be possible without the help of the City of Montreal and the Borough of Sud-Ouest, which will have contributed to the creation of a regulatory framework favoring the creation of an iconic building in the neighborhood and by the issuance of an occupancy permit.

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A place of culture and meeting in the heart of Griffintown

Showcasing 100% local art, gastronomy and design, this three-story space will include eight metro cars that will serve as a bar-restaurant, exhibition hall, conference and product shop entirely dedicated to the talent from Quebec. The complex, with a design inspired by modernism and retrofuturism, will also include a digital performance hall with 300 seats as well as a green roof on which a terrace will be set up.

The pavilion will be a meeting place for cultural discovery for young professionals working nearby, but also for all curious Quebecers wishing to quench their thirst for local culture.

Construction of the building is expected to start in early 2024.

From the beginning of the adventure, we felt that MR-63 could contribute to the development of the identity of the nascent community in Griffintown and arouse a strong sense of belonging around its attractions which combine culture, art , gastronomy, history, creativity and architecture. The Borough of Sud-Ouest and the City of Montreal are therefore proud partners of this promising and structuring initiative which will soon be able to develop its full potential in the district“, rejoiced Mr. Benoit Dorais, Mayor of the Borough of Sud-Ouest and vice-president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

Essential partners

MR-63 also counts as an official partner, the Société des alcools du Québec, which supports the sustainable development actions of the project, in particular by allowing the integration of recycled glass powder in the design of the building as well as in the works of art which will also be made of recycled glass.

The organization is also pleased to welcome the support of Mouvement Desjardins, proud partner of the program, which is propelling the project through its Grand Movement Fund. Desjardins is associated with the regular programming, the well-being initiatives of MR-63 and makes possible the production of an original web series on themes that are close to our hearts.

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A public place for one last summer

To complete the series of ephemeral public places set up by the organization, the public will be able to relive one last time, starting this summer, the MR-63 experience on the very site where the building will be erected. As in its permanent location, the entire offer and programming of this site will constantly change to promote the discovery of new local talent.

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