“Made In Italy” Cocooning By Minotti

Minotti is an Italian company with a solid reputation at an international level as an excellent expression of “Made in Italy” in the field of contemporary furniture design and ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments.

Here are a few inspirations of pieces of furniture designed for Minotti by renowned designers such as Nendo, Rodolfo Dordoni, GamFratesi & Inoda+Sveje

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Moët & Chandon


Nendo design for Minotti

Airy, with constructive details linked to Japanese tradition, the Torii modular seats play with round edged volumes, thin profiles and the apparent formal simplicity of an extremely detailed design.

The Torii family includes sofas – with high or low backrest and a linear shape, rounded at the arms – inclined sofas with a combination of two different depths, armchairs and lounge and dining little armchairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and a slender, oval-shaped console table, ideal for placing anywhere in the living area.


Rodolfo Dordoni design for Minotti

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Twiggy is the family of seats that stands out for its ability to revolutionise living spaces with an unprecedented ideal of timeless beauty.

Twiggy presents itself with different elements, always distinguished by Minotti’s sophisticated sartorial taste. The family originated as a single armchair in the Small, Large and Deep versions, with and without armrests, but embellished with stitching that reveals the depth of the brand’s manufacturing know-how combined with its great ability to make even the most sculptural seats extremely comfortable.

Moët & Chandon
Ski Lachance
Van Cleef and Arpels
z_minotti_raphael_dining_03 (Mixte Mag)


GamFratesi design for Minotti

The characteristic light and sophisticated style trait of Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi inspires Raphael: a new way of designing the living space thanks to the use of single furnishing pieces with refined tailoring, capable of becoming protagonists of the space, and expressing the same comfort as traditional modular seating systems.

Three sofa variants, four types of armchairs, two dining little armchairs and two footstools, all conceived as adaptable to smaller domestic contexts, while still meeting the high demands of decorators and interior designers. Organic forms, with generous and cosy proportions, are enhanced by sophisticated upholstery that masterfully interprets its distinctive sinuous lines.


Inoda+Sveje design for Minotti

Named after the city of trees, Sendai, this line of furnishing pieces consists of a small sofa, an armchair, a lounge armchair and dining and lounge little armchairs.

The compact and well-proportioned silhouette of both the seats and the small sofa, opens up to a new way of using the dining space: as a living room within the living room, a hybrid situation, such as when dinner is served on a large table, while guests meet and socialise round a lounge table.

z_minotti_sendai_08 (Mixte Mag)
PILOTIS (Mixte Mag)


Console Rodolfo Dordoni design for Minotti

Pilotis is the console table that adds character to the space it inhabits with the sculptural energy of its Brutalist-inspired design.

The cylindrical polished steel frame of the base is grafted into a hollow half-cylinder with the same finish, arranged horizontally, which houses a brushed Licorice lacquered ash volume that serves as the top. The power of this detail is also clearly visible from the side elevation in which the materiality of the wood stands out.

The strong personality of Pilotis Consolle endows it with such expressive freedom that it can be used in a variety of environments.


Rodolfo Dordoni design for Minotti

The Jacques collection includes sofas, and ottomans available in several sizes, originated from a common design seed that transforms a vaguely retro style into a symbol of absolutely contemporary style.

A sophisticated aesthetic language that is expressed in soft shapes, compact proportions and details with striking visual impact, like the metal base with Bronze finish.

JACQUES (Mixte Mag)
Bui Opto
L'Essentiel par MF
z_brady_06 (Mixte Mag)


Rodolfo Dordoni design for Minotti

Brady is a family of coffee tables ranging from the classic 30 cm height to an innovative 51 cm high version.

The rigorous shape of the central column supporting the circular tops, or the rectangular one with rounded corners, is combined in a symphony of colours with the multiple chromatic shades of the marble tops. A rounded, lenticular-shaped, scratch-proof, matt lacquered top support envelops the lithic tops, concealing their thickness and thus lightening their formal aesthetic.

In some variants Brady appears as a rigorous monolith of colour thanks to the base that echoes the dominant colour of the marble top above it.


GamFratesi design for Minotti

Scandinavian values meet Italian tradition in Fynn, a project created by combining fine cabinet-making in the wooden elements and sophisticated upholstering with fabric or saddle-hide.

The signature element of the Fynn seats is the armrest, elongated and slightly curved, rounded and smooth to the touch, 100% handmade. Its precise, well-defined line identifies the whole family of seats, in the two Fynn and Fynn Saddle-Hide versions. Covered with the exclusive fabrics and saddle-hides in the collection, it fully expresses the high level of the elegant sartorial process which has always been Minotti’s distinguishing mark.

The family comprises armchairs, lounge and dining little armchairs, benches, footstools and coffee tables.

z_minotti_fynn_05 (Mixte Mag)
Ski Lachance
Montauk Sofa
Victoria Park Medispa
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