Les Parfums Louis Vuitton are Being Presented in an Ultimate Flacon in a Limited Edition

The Ultimate Flacon

Over the course of its history, Louis Vuitton has always striven to create objects that last and can be passed down from generation to generation.

For the first time, Les Parfums Louis Vuitton are being presented in an Ultimate Flacon created by designer Marc Newson in Baccarat crystal. The oversized bottle is accompanied by a glass dome and natural leather base.

Just like the Objets Nomades collection that brings stunning pieces created by the world’s most renowned designers to life, the Ultimate Flacon keeps alive Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of crafted travel-inspired objects.

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A new fragrance experience

The striking bottle ensures absolute purity and remains true to the iconic design for Les Parfums Louis Vuitton created by Marc Newson, an expert in simplicity.

“For the perfume’s Ultimate Flacon, I wanted to create something whimsical and fun that’s also very functional. It’s scaled up to a sculptural dimension and takes inspiration from vintage fragrance displays.” – Marc Newson

Presented in its rarest form, this luxurious Baccarat crystal bottle will be available for three of Louis Vuitton’s iconic fragrances composed by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud: Rose des Vents, Matière Noire and L’Immensité.

Rose des Vents, an exceptional trio of roses. Matière Noire, a true olfactory kaleidoscope blending Laos agarwood with patchouli. L’Immensité, a concentrate of freshness, pairing the crackle of ginger extracted with carbon dioxide with the bitterness of grapefruit.

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A unique and timeless creation on the cusp of between perfume and design

Designed for admirers of beauty, Haute Perfumery enthusiasts, and collectors of fragrances or rare objects, the Ultimate Flacon comes in a limited edition of 200 unique, numbered and engraved pieces.

Like a work of art, the one-litre perfume is displayed in a glass dome that enhances the House’s iconic creations. Magnificently showcased, it can be kept and passed down, making a beautiful addition to a room or cabinet of curiosities.

Exceptional know-how in collaboration with the best artisans

When Les Parfums Louis Vuitton take on extraordinary dimensions, the House’s unique know-how meets the very best artisans.

To magnify this hand-crafted design, Louis Vuitton turned to the Baccarat crystalworks, which boasts 250 years of history and expertise. The Master Glassmakers fabricated the bottle using the most precious crystal, drawing on age-old glass-blowing techniques.


The black crystal cap with the encircled LV logo in hand-painted gold enamel adds an exquisite touch to the bottle containing the House’s fragrance creations.

The bottle rests majestically on a natural leather base, manufactured in Louis Vuitton’s workshops and featuring the House logo. This delicate and sensitive leather acquires a unique, amber-toned patina, attesting to the authenticity of Louis Vuitton’s legendary material.

The Ultimate Flacon is available in a numbered, limited edition in a selection of Louis Vuitton stores.

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