Corail by Roche Bobois

With CORAIL, Roche Bobois created a 3D printed concrete base that can be completely customized. This innovative technique is a first in the world of furniture, and it will undoubtedly change the relationship between consumers and design.  The “genetic code” – the characteristics of the base – is entered into the giant printer, which is a technological marvel. In a continuous bottom-to-top motion, the digitally driven nozzle deposits a concrete snake that hardens as each layer is added.

Another major innovation is the online software that is used customize design. It allows the customer to choose the shape and size, apply braiding effects, and view the object live as it is being created. The customer’s “code” feeds directly to the 3D printer.

In addition to customization, this new process has potential ecological advantages. Very soon, we will be able to send digital files to the United States or China and have the base manufactured there by a local printer using the same technology. This will decrease the amount of carbon emissions due to transportation.

Corail was inspired by the beauty of natural imperfection. Its shape evokes the idea of mushrooms growing on trees, coral reefs, or enormous shells. The imagination is able to run wild with this incredible piece.

corail IMG_8678
Galerie Beauchamp

Dining table with base made in 3 D printed UHP concrete, customizable shape and texture 10 mm metal base (epoxy finish, 2 colors Tempered glass, 15 mm thick)

Made in France by XtreeE

Download the technical sheet

Discover more about CORAIL

Access the 3D customization module 

M2 Boutiques
Bui Opto
corail IMG_5829 bis

This product was identified as eco-designed by their qualitative assessment tool developed in collaboration with the CBAF*.

It has been positively evaluated according to 8 criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle 

*Technological institute:  ‘Forêt, Cellulose, Bois-construction et Ameublement’


Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are constantly searching for harmony between people and our environment. Each project is approached with a global vision that considers the user’s needs. The sincerity of their collaborations adds poetic charm and depth to their creations. Ardent advocates of positive design, their ethos is based on encouraging more interaction between people. Fritsh and Durisotti have the ability to innovate, surprise and delight those who encounter their designs.

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