When fire inspires architecture ! – BLACKWOOD Studio

In collaboration with Atelier BOOM-TOWN

Steven Spazuk, a visual artist who paints with fire, builds his studio using burnt wood cladding. BLACKWOOD Studio, a project that integrates well both with the existing buildings as its natural environment.

The vast space is essentially dedicated to the creation and arrangement of an office area. The position of the openings is designed to let natural lighting judiciously illuminate the studio and allow the artist to relate to nature both within his new place of creation and at its doorstep. An all-glass space makes it possible to connect the studio to the house. The original house is white with a black tin roof. The play of black and white contrasts prevails.

As fire is at the heart of the artist’s working method, burnt wood cladding was required to cover the main volume of the studio. A long white skylight cuts a slit, like an arrow loop, in the southwest facade, to sparingly catch the afternoon sun.

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See the artist in his studio

About atelier BOOM-TOWN

Historically, the Boomtown house is associated with the ‘mushroom’ towns created near industrial complexes and mines in the years 1890–1920. It is easily recognized by its simple facade and square shape. Its roof is flat or nearly flat, an innovation for the time. The popularity of the Boomtown house was mainly due to increased space and low construction costs.

A century later, atelier Boomtown, under the direction of Eric Joseph Tremblay, proposes a rereading of human-scale buildings architecture based on the original principles of the Boomtown house: Simplicity and efficiency. Working with space, light, and matter, atelier Boomtown, designs contemporary houses, adapted to modern living.

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Roche Bobois

Architect : atelier BOOM-TOWN

To find out more about the artist Steven Spazuk:

Source : V2-Com

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