La passione per la cucina italiana – Gianpiero Morgia

Piatti opened in 2008 and, before long, had earned a fine reputation. Located in the Canada’s 8th prime minister Robert Laird Borden’s former summer home, the restaurant is discreet and charming, its old stone walls rising on the banks of the Mille-Îles River

The success of Piatti is largely due to the hard work of incredibly talented Gianpiero Morgia. This second-generation restaurateur is following in his parents’ footsteps, Giancarlo and Stella, who owned beloved Il Fornetto in Lachine for more than 20 years. In fact, Gianpiero was born just as his parents were opening their restaurant, which is where he began learning the business as a teenager. His father taught him that you must give to receive, and his mother drove home the importance of commitment and solid business management.

Morgia would begin to put those important lessons into practice, working for his uncle at Primi Piatti. Around that time, he heard from a former coworker, that there was a restaurant for sale in Rosemère. With advice from his parents, he bought the space and created Piatti, bringing on Pierre-Jonathan Dutremble, a talented chef from Primi Piatti who had honed his career in France with Michelin-starred chefs. Now co-owner of Piatti, Dutremble builds his menu around simply-prepared dishes that highlight local products and Italy’s finest exports.

Meanwhile, Morgia manages the 200-seat restaurant, supervises 26 or so employees, and helps design the food presentation. The hours are long and hard in the restaurant business, but his passion, discipline, creativity and desire to offer patrons a memorable dining experience are powerful motivators. As far as Gianpiero Morgia is concerned, the recipe for success includes not just excellent food, but atmosphere and personal service. He’s planning to continue doing what he does so well, while exploring other ways to keep food-lovers happy!</a

La passione per la cucina italiana – Gianpiero Morgia – e-mag

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