Marc-André Normand, determined

“Resourceful” is an adjective that definitely applies to Marc-André Normand. The 33-year-old works hard, learns fast, and delivers the goods. He began landscaping work at age 13, helping his uncle mow lawns and trim hedges. At 16, he bought the company, which was not all that surprising, given that he comes from a family of entrepreneurs. The following year, he expanded into the promising niche of paving stone installation, graduating quickly from the school of trial and error. Over time, he added all the services one would expect from a landscaping firm, including excavation, planting, masonry, installation, concrete pools, and maintenance.

The company grew, thanks to effective word-of-mouth publicity, as well as great partners such as Construction Voyer, and others who referred clients seeking pavers for their driveways or in-ground pools and waterfalls. Pavé et Paysagiste Mapa now has six full-time employees working from April to December. Most clients are residential, although corporate contracts have included the esplanade of the maison Olympique in downtown Montreal, and Henri-Grignon Park in Sainte-Adèle. And while many of his jobs are for high-end clients, Marc-André makes it a point to provide every customer with the same excellent service. He even guarantees his installations for five years, which he can do because he puts three times more effort into preparing a site than laying the stones, and does it all in record time. His secret? Marc-André is also a fireman, an occupation that requires extreme resourcefulness. Just as every fire has its own particular challenges, every landscaping project is confronted by its own hurdles and surprises. Marc-André is the kind of inspired hard worker who excels in every facet of his field.

Photo : Yves Lefebvre

Marc-André Normand, determined – e-mag

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