The road to beauty can be mysterious. Is there a secret to creating a harmonious interior? One thing is certain: the creative process is complex and unpredictable, and every case is unique. Sometimes, an inspiring encounter is all it takes for the pieces to fall into place.

The owner of a brand-new penthouse in a residential highrise in the Pointe Nord neighbourhood of Nun’s Island was preparing to move into the condo, where designer Patty Xenos had set the stage for the décor. Xenos had chosen the floor coverings—immaculate, glossy ceramic tile for the common areas, and cherry wood for the bedrooms. She had conceived a kitchen where white lacquer cabinets and white countertops contrasted beautifully with grainy dark wood, and the stove hood was a clever trompe-l’oeil. The bathroom was a symphony of black and white, with a giant, colourless mosaic sunflower as an impressive focal point. In the living room, a section of wall was covered in white marble with a horizontal fireplace cut into it.

Now it was up to the owner to choose the furniture, materials, fabrics and colour schemes. First came a brilliant splash of colour with a Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois. Finding himself at Bonaldo in Old Montreal, the owner looked around, casting his radar view over everything. Help was offered; he declined. He returned for a second look, but again left empty-handed. On the third visit, he began asking questions and revealed his hand to Louis Pauzé. The homeowner was in the market for a Corno painting, which would end up influencing several decisions. After the first meeting, it wasn’t long before both owner and Pauzé were on the same wavelength. Louis suggested warming things up gently, using a sky blue from the painting on the wall by the dining room. Teal accents would provide visual impact in the bedroom, where charcoal grey on the walls created intimacy. For the ceiling, Pauzé favoured a warm grey to counterbalance the cool effect of the white. After the walnut-top dining room table was chosen, Pauzé suggested using the same wood—placed horizontally—on part of an adjacent wall, to balance the look. The owner agreed to it all, his relationship with Pauzé having blossomed from its improbable start to a trust that has produced the kind of harmony from which timeless beauty can spring.

Encounter – e-mag

With the collaboration of Patty Xenos and Louis Pauzé

Photos: Yves Lefebvre

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