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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live inside an elegant art gallery, this chic Montreal condo is sure to satisfy. The design was a very collaborative effort with the owners, and a true labour of love.

The clients’ passion for everything design was an inspiration and a challenge! As designers, our focus in this case is to act more as a filter or conductor for a multi faceted and talented client, whose endless ideas could fill 10 homes!

It’s hard to say what came first. In certain cases, the space required a bold piece of art to balance the room, and in others, we had to create a space worthy of a piece from the owners’ collection. All of it had to come together in a cohesive manner, and great attention was invested to link each space, all while maintaining a unique character. The finishes were updated and renovated throughout the home—floors were sanded and bleached, and stone was laid in the vestibule to brighten the space, adding a sense of arrival.

The only room that remained almost as is was the kitchen. Swinging doors were removed for pocket doors to open up the space, and the finishes of the upper cabinets replaced to update the look. The chandelier above the kitchen table is authentic period crystal, and a precious family heirloom. The living room is surrounded by exquisite art, each contributing light, reflection, colour and character. In fact, the colour scheme was inspired by the art itself, the selection of colours and materials meant to complement—never compete—with the collection. Old and new, bold contemporary and refined classical pieces all live harmoniously together.

The master bedroom has an ethereal, soothing feel. The clients fell in love with the bed, and wished to incorporate another precious family antique: the bedside lamps. The entire room was therefore created around these two pieces. The den is both a family gathering place and quiet escape to enjoy sports and entertainment. The clients purchased the two leather side chairs on a whim—true sculptures in their own right—and they became the inspiration for everything that followed. The clients would often turn up at my office with treasures found while traveling in New York or Miami. It was a challenge to let certain finds go, however each idea was tested. This project was one of those rare instances in which the owners became leading members of the design team, not to mention chief executive researchers!

Photos : Yves Lefebvre


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