Viviane Case-Fox,The Force of Movement

Maison Lipari
Bui Opto

One sees generous bouquets languid in time, replete with sunlight. One feels the lively colours of an inner life. Contemporary painter Viviane Case-Fox lays out life for us … traces its motion.

Case-Fox has been painting for over thirty years. Today, as gallery owners select canvases from her studio, she is inclined to retain and rework her paintings. The images are to greater and greater extent profound and subtle to grasp. But gallery owners know what is mature, what is perfected. And on each occasion they part, their arms loaded with new work. Case-Fox does not work from photographs, nor with live models however well trained she is to do so. In truth, she prefers not to work from images of flowers, the sky, or landscapes in general. At least, not to paint. Everything is internalized. Case-Fox begins a painting, turns it in her mind, then envisages the work. The colours emanate from within.

What preoccupies the artist is not the subject matter. It is movement. Unalloyed, frank, wild, even raw. A studied appreciation of her canvases confirms where the painter wishes to take us: “I am halfway between De Kooning and Joan Mitchell. The first was a master of strong, powerful movement I never paid attention to ‘woman as recurrent theme’ in his paintings; I always focused on the movement. As for Joan Mitchell, she was a fantastic colorist. She painted at night, then would observe the following morning what had become of her colours. I’m in between.” Viviane Case-Fox traces a path that continues to command our regard.

Galerie MX,

Galerie MX invites you to meet the artist at the gallery Saturday, April 27 from noon – 6pm.





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