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It was difficult for a journalist not to take note of the fire that animated Bruny Surin as an Olympic athlete. Even more difficult to imagine, this former medalist lying in a hammock. Bruny Surin has been fuelled by adrenaline his whole life. His profession is his passion!

Bruny Surin remains deeply connected to sport as a physical training consultant, and is an apostle and champion of the importance of personal training. “Too many people go to gyms and drop their routine after a few months, or even a few weeks,” says the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the 4 x 100 meter relay in Atlanta. “Resolutions don’t stick. But with a personal trainer, you have your own personal motivator. Someone who can kick your behind in pursuit of achieving your goals. The trainer at key moments becomes your cheerleader, taking to heart the achievement of your personal goals and improvement. With a personal trainer,” says Surin, “rather than using training machines haphazardly, or worse, routinely, you’ll discover different exercises for the same machine. Finally, you avoid injuries that are often caused by poor posture or inappropriate use of the equipment.”

Surin is confirmed in his view that engaging the services of a professional is an incentive to pursue your training more rigorously. “I was an Olympic athlete, and I would have never trained as long as I did without an expert looking after me. Statistics prove that the simple act of making an appointment will prevent you from dropping your routine, or withdrawing with last minute excuses. It’s also proven that with this approach, the client is excited and looks forward to the next session.” In a society where the demands of our work and professional lives commit us to crazy schedules, a qualified personal trainer can introduce us to exercise trends, innovations, and research. “The person youentrust,” says Surin, “must prove that they are constantly monitoring the latest studies. You must challenge one another, and have fun during your sessions.”

Finally, with a sense of accomplishment, you’ll enter a circle of more energetic and professionally adept individuals. And happier even. According to the findings of a recent research study, “health goes hand in hand with happiness.”

Bruny Surin,


Photo: Pierre Manning

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