Sarah Pacini, freedom of expression

Ski Daniel Lachance

The Sarah Pacini ready-to-wear collection seduces with its unique, contemporary, and timeless style. The collection is a mix of genres creating an unambiguous charm, always ready to delight.

The story begins more than 20 years ago. From the beginning, the tone was set by Sarah Pacini who first captured the imagination of consumers in Belgium. Then, in her debut at an international salon, it was love at first sight from buyers, who came to discover a style, savoir-faire and new possibilities for comfort and quality from the ‘Made in Italy’ brand. No less than 55 exclusive boutiques around the world have succumbed to the Sarah Pacini label. In 2002, the wind in its sails, the company welcomed Naila Jaffer and her cosmopolitan team who took matters in hand with a strong vision of brand continuity and loyalty. Over the years, the brand established itself as a fixture in world markets, becoming a fashion reference. Montreal was home to the first Sarah Pacini boutique in North America. A second followed in May 2012, on Laurier Street, and another in September 2012 in New York (the first on American soil) in the heart of SoHo. ‘The Dance of Life’ is the theme for the 2013 collection arriving in stores. A season of fluid materials and mesh, sometimes calm, sometimes brilliant, where freedom of movement and comfort are the watchwords. In an era of constant change and evolution, this brand of Belgian origin continues to pursue its expansion. Sarah Pacini, synonymous with minimalism, coherence, faultless style, and impeccable value. To wear Sarah Pacini is to set oneself apart.

freedom of movement and comfort are the watchwords.








Photos: Jean-Claude Lussier

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