Investing in one’s passion

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In 1966 I sold a Porsche 904 GTS for a measly $5,000, which is now worth $2 million. Smarter than I, Richard and Mario Petit with friends bought an old bus used to exhibit GM technology (Parade of Progress) in the 50s, for the ridiculous sum of $10,000. Originally a wreck, the bus after restoration was sold at auction for $4 million. A good investment you say? Much to the chagrin of his bank manager, Richard firmly believes that he has lost a small fortune on cars that he did not buy.

The foregoing is neither urban legend nor fairy tale and even less a collection of isolated facts. They are documented examples that illustrate that the automobile is not necessarily just a symbol of depreciation whose sole purpose is to consume a portion of the family budget. There are a variety of models on the market whose appreciation is closely tracked. Some examples according to the Ferrari Market Letter: a 275 GTB branded with the prancing horse emblem has seen its value increase 73% over the last three years. Same scenario for a Ferrari Dino which has increased 60%.

Of course, it ‘s not for just anyone to distinguish between an old clunker and a future show car. But consultants working in the vintage car field have the eye to unearth these treasures often sleeping in old barns. Most are themselves fanatical for these Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other exceptional models destined for posterity.

In an age when traditional investments have only yielded peanuts and where stock market indices are stagnant, this is arguably the way to grow your money. Besides, an existing specialized investment fund in Europe has already seen its value increase by 67% in 5 years.

When you know that a car like the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO recently fetched a record price of $35 million, it’s not hard to believe. By investing in a fund focused on collectible automobile classics, enthusiasts can participate in this price explosion at a reasonable cost. Do we need additional proof that investment in one’s passion is the best way nowadays to combine pleasure and profit?


At the time of purchasevoiture-de-collection

At the time of resale.voiture-de-collection

Increased value … with the reconstruction of the Champlain Bridge.voiture-de-collection

Mr. Gunter, Mercedes specialist: each car must have a doctor! voiture-de-collection

In everyone’s top 10 most beautiful car list.voiture-de-collection

Fun cars are always in demand.voiture-de-collection

Better looking and more powerful than the closing numbers!voiture-de-collection

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