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Garages as unique living spaces. A look at this new trend.

Mitt Romney shocked more than a few when he had a car elevator built for ‘a few Cadillacs’ belonging to his wife at their posh residence in La Jolla, California. However, it’s a concept gaining popularity not only in the U.S., but also in Europe, where space is often limited, and in Canada, among true devotees. Indeed, collectors in Canada and Québec are beginning to construct more practical and convenient garages where they can literally live with their toys on wheels. Of course, a large difference between local and Californian garages is that for a good part of the year, our vehicles are off the road. So why not find other means to be around them? Welcome to the dream garages of true enthusiasts.

Art collectors often have occasion in their home to share their latest acquisitions with guests at parties. For those who cast their sights instead on antique cars and other motor babies, it is somewhat more difficult to display them on the Persian carpets in the living room … so disciples had the good idea to convert the family room, cinema room, game room ect. The concept of the basement as ‘man cave’ took on new meaning.

Even if your space is on the small side, one can easily arrange furnishings to make room for your four-wheeled friends. And sometimes, if intelligently arranged, these nooks may prove the perfect place to blend gleaming chrome with the pleasant odor of car leather.

Some advice: as rust attacks the underbody of your car, epoxy flooring is strongly recommended. Somewhere between the flat screen, the Playstation, the tools, the golf practice net, and the poker table, ensure, if only by a trick of the light, that pride of place is given to your car, that rare model that one can always admire whatever the activity in your garage!

Here is our first guest in the Passion column, on the highest step of the podium at the North America 458 Ferrari Challenge. Our congratulations for his recent victory in Limerock, Connecticut.
Good job, Dr. Leclerc!

Photos: Richard Petit, Neil Hardie, Éleiade et Richard Spenard

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