Hairdressing, one-upmanship is a given

Roche Bobois

Haute Coiffure Française, the world’s most prestigious organization in its field, in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel, presented the HCF Trophy last February which recognizes styling work of global caliber on a female model. Harmonization of cut and color is emphasized in the award selection. The aesthetics, the styling, and the makeup must also contribute to sublimate the look and artistry of the creation. The HCF Trophy, singular for its recognition of artistic freedom, is open to all hairdressers, regardless of age or affiliation.

In April 1945, the Parisian hairdressing elite decided to create a club under the leadership of visionary Fernand Aubry; the Haute Coiffure Française was born! Its mission: to promote artistic creation, discover future talent, and provide a commercial impetus to salons. Established in over 40 countries, the Haute Coiffure Française operates 1000 quality hair salons worldwide.

Haute Coiffure Française, in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel, plays a key role in the world of fashion with its two annual collections, sneak previews of which are presented in Paris at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre. The creative team at HCF also travels the world to show new collections.

For the fourth edition of the HCF Trophy award, this year’s ten finalists, chosen from among hundreds of competitors, debuted at the Louvre. Two stylists from Québec’s L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio team distinguished themselves. Madame Martel, from Guylaine Martel Artistes Coiffeurs won the Haute Coiffure Française trophy, and Isabelle Lachance from Salon Oblic took home the Prix du Public (audience choice), the Prix de la Coloration (coloring), and ranked second overall. When it comes to styling hair, the local talent is impressive, and the desire to participate in international competitions is on the rise.

The new generation of hair stylists has no choice but to attend specialized conferences, take part in major competitions, and improve their training if they wish to continue to impress their customers and build on a solid reputation. The key? Taming curls and embracing natural organics are the new order.

For more information: haute-coiffure.com and lorealprofessionnel.ca

guylaine-martelGuylaine Martel, of Guylaine Martel Artistes Coiffeurs at the Gala de la Haute Coiffure Française 2012

isabelle-lachance Isabelle Lachance of Salon Oblic lors du Gala de la Haute Coiffure Française 2012