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What will summer 2012 look like? A glance at four deco themes.

We think of others … and of ourselves. Whether inviting family or friends, a table must be provided that seats everyone, and too bad if the cushions are mismatched! For you, it’s sun loungers, but a new breed: plump, comfortable, spacious. It’s time to languish, sprawled across the cushions, caressed by the sun.

Outdoor furniture material must withstand the elements and make a nice impression. Good news: trendy fabrics are available these days and their color palette is discreet: from white to grey passing through beige and tobacco hues. The shapes are angular and the look, urban chic.

We can also dream, literally and figuratively: day beds are conducive to this activity and their design definitely evokes the pools of trendy hotels. We protect ourselves from the sun in leisurely fashion with diaphanous fabrics. Wish to stand out? This is the outdoor furniture to own.

Last thing to remember: furnishing one’s own terrace. It is imperative to treat the space as if it was your living room: a configuration conducive to conversation, a mixture of sofas and individual chairs, together with low side tables and ottomans. And while you’re at it, plan your lighting for evening entertaining.

All furnishings illustrated are from Jardin de


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