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Margie Gillis is not only a passionate dancer, she is a tireless artist. She speaks with us about her upcoming work.

Our interview took place in a cafe on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in mid-March. Outside, it’s as hot as a summer day, the perfect pretext to discuss Margie Gillis’s participation in the April 22 march marking Earth Day: “I have been involved in many causes over the years. As I decided this year to create in Montréal because I was missing my city and my friends, it was easier for me to get involved in Earth Day,” explains the internationally renowed contemporary dancer.

Her presence in the city also provided an opportunity to participate in Semaine Québec Danse, where, last April, she staged two performances of a new work inspired by the notions of justice and fairness in society.

With an effervescent gaze, the artist of 58 years confesses to sometimes feeling that her body and brain will overheat when she brings forward several projects at once: “At the same time, exploring different emotions allows me to find inner balance.”

On July 26, Gillis will be performing at the Théâtre de Verdure du parc La Fontaine. In the first act, she will be accompanied by singer/cellist Jorane, who will later cede her place to dancer Marc Daigle: “I started to create new choreography, a duet inspired by the Occupy Montréal movement. With what is happening with the federal government, I sense something toxic in the air. The lack of honesty and integrity has a negative impact on people. This is what I explore in this choreography. I’ll likely insert it into the program, which will comprise excerpts from former performances.”

Marc Daigle will also join the performance of ‘The Light Between’, presented from March 26-30, 2013, at the Cinquième Salle of Place des Arts. In this work Gillis wishes to explore the link which exists between substance and space. Paola Styron, Holly Bright and Marc Daigle collaborate in the creation of the piece. For scheduling and financial reasons, Paola and Holly will alternate in the role during the presentation run.

Margie Gillis will be featured on the program Visages de la danse, broadcast on the Canal Savoir network, June 6 at 9:00 (and June 9th at 22:00).


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