Doriane Dalati A woman of elegance


Ballerina and choreographer for major dance companies, Doriane Dalati joined L’Oréal almost on tiptoe to orchestrate special events for L’Oréal Professionnel. Now Vice-President and General Manager of prestige professional brands at L’Oréal, Doriane Dalati possesses an easy grace in the world of beauty and glamour. But, beyond the limelight and the jet-set lifestyle, what drives this avid visionary?

An object that you can’t pass up: A good book. In fact, I often read two or three books simultaneously … biographies, romantic stories. Reading or seeing a good movie are for me the best ways to escape.

The accomplishment of which you are most proud of? My son. I have only one. He is my dearest treasure. I also take pride in nurturing the qualities of people around me.

One thing that most people do not know about you:My background as a professional ballerina and choreographer.

Your favourite restaurant… The Seremetti, a small restaurant in the mountains of the Peloponnese, Greece. They have a wonderful terrace with spectacular views and everything on the menu is organic and homemade.

The trip of your dreams… My dream is to see the pyramids of Egypt. I am originally Egyptian but I left Egypt at at the age of four and never had the opportunity to return to Cairo.

Your shopping favourites: I don’t really have favourite places. But I like Québec fashion designers and particularly, Marie Saint Pierre.

The height of glamour is… I love French signature creations, Parisian among others. When it comes to designers, perfumes, accessories, even lipstick … I break down!

Your guilty pleasure? A box of candied chestnuts … a box just for me. I discovered candied chestnuts in Paris. Too bad they’re so hard to find in Montréal.

For you, the height of luxury is: It’s personal. I have a house in Greece on the seaside; so for me, the height of luxury is to be on the terrace with a coffee and watch the sunrise with my husband and son. Simple pleasures are for me the ultimate luxury.

The music you are listening to right now: I love all styles of music but I have a marked preference for the music of Broadway, and especially for blues and jazz.

One thing that irritates you? A lack of table manners.

Three values that define you? I have been told: Passion, generosity and courage.

A cause dear to your heart? The fight against cancer. I dream of the day they find a cure for this terrible disease.

Your definition of happiness? Health and love.


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