Caudalie nouveau: The 2012 Vintage


The Caudalie brand was the first to use stabilized grape polyphenols in 1994, an active antioxidant more effective even than vitamin C and E in neutralizing free radicals. Founded by the Thomas couple (Mathilde and Bertrand) and Professor Vercauteren, a researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux, Caudalie has attracted celebrities and the general public thanks to its glamorous and effective skin care products. The founder and creator of the brand, Ms. Mathilde Thomas, passed through Montréal recently for the launch of her new line, Vinosource.

Q: How are these new products different? In creating the new line, Vinosource, I wanted to offer women an ultra natural moisturizing and antioxidant formula ready to act immediately on the skin, all while providing a decadent skin sensation on application. This five product mix meets the needs of all skin types, from the most dehydrated to the most malnourished. The new line embraces our organic eau de raisin, a Caudalie exclusive. This 100% plant-based water formula is replete with moisturizing polysaccharides, soothing minerals (calcium, potassium) and Vitamin C for glow. One could describe its attributes as, soothing as spa water while intensely hydrating the skin. The formulas also contain our patented antioxidant polyphenols which prevent the appearance of four out of five wrinkles related to free radicals as well as hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients. The formula is available in gel, cream or serum; I worked personally on every texture and scent in order to provide a pleasing application experience.

Q: What were the most difficult moments of this adventure? And why? Introducing a cosmetic brand when there are already thousands in the market is one hell of a challenge! You have to believe, work hard, and it takes enormous perseverance. To be sure, there were difficult moments. Initially when we presented our two grape seed based polyphenol creams to pharmacists, and they told us they regretted having no room for another brand on their shelves, we had to redouble our efforts to build a presence. We have the good fortune to be free and independent and this is an opportunity we are grateful for. If Caudalie is a brand that has managed to become known among all the majors, I think this is mainly due to our unique formulas. Every day I receive letters from women thanking me for the quality and effectiveness of our products and this is my greatest satisfaction.

An overlooked fact? We have just joined the association 1% For The Planet and we pledge to donate 1% of our global sales to environmental organizations.

Q: What new developments can consumers look forward to? Lots of new things … I’ve worked for several years with my research team, Professor Vercauteren, and dermatologists on a new revolutionary antiaging patent that women will be able to benefit from in September. But keep it quiet, it’s still a secret. Come see us in Toronto in August as we’re opening a new Vinotherapie Caudalie spa in an exceptional location!

Q: How does this product line most resemble you? It’s natural, efficient and glamorous. Like me 😉

Q: What can you tell us that has not yet been said? I lo-o-ove to come to Canada. Canadians are truly warm and welcoming people.

Q: What are you most proud of? To have created 500 jobs of which 90% are held by women. My young and dynamic team. Being a 100% independent player at the center of the beauty industry.

Flash perso…

What cheers you up? My husband and my three children who sing to me Beatles songs and play guitar, and a glass of red Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 2009.

A cause dear to your heart? Try to give back to the earth that which it provides us, through our involvement with 1% For The Planet.

If you were not a beauty expert what you would be? Winemaker! Should we talk about it? •


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Roche Bobois
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