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It’s been an unstoppable rise to new heights for the garden furniture store that has redefined our ideas about life outside the home. Here’s the story of a leader in lifestyle trends and a go-to reference for deck design, furnishings and use.

Jardin de Ville started almost as an improvisation in 1956. During a trip to Florida, a businessman comes upon a very interesting garden furniture store and a desire is born to launch this ‘Patio Rama’ concept, but in his spare time. And a wife who goes into hiding, literally, when the first customer comes in! Carmen Bourque has an appreciation for the beautiful and rapidly gains confidence. She will emerge to manage the store, because she knows how to market the merchandise. Her daughter Johanne will take the reins at the age of 18! When you have it in your blood … “I inherited my mother’s taste and the leadership (qualities) of my father,” she says , as she greets her sister Marcelle, at her side since the beginning, and brother Jean, the “quasi-engineer, very bright.”

The history of this entreprise has been marked by bold risks and atypical operational practices. In 1983, Johanne and Marcelle produced a catalogue highlighting the entire product line – an industry first at an unheard of cost of $100,000. It was a stunning success. Unlike competitors blindly selling the ‘flavour of the moment’ (synthetic resin), they juggles various collections by mixing cushions of one with another, or match the table of one company to the chairs of another. To the delight and satisfaction of her clients.

Jardin de Ville, a name adopted in 1995, differs from its competitors by fabricating branded parasols and cushions, also custom garden sheds, entirely designed by Jean. In addition, Concept Terrasse is a design service created to transform any exterior space into a convivial venue in which to host unforgettable experiences, similar to those now regularly seen at trendy hotels. Johanne Bourque understands that we want to live memorable moments at home in a refined and adapted environment able to withstand the elements. Johanne counsels for the terrace a rust-proof aluminum structure, water- and mold-resistant fabrics, quality rain gutters for proper drainage, and detachable valances to play with the available sunlight …

This summer, look to the highways to spot the Jardin de Ville Service truck. Not content with constant innovation, made to measure products, premium quality and comfort furniture, and unique decors, the owner also thinks of service. Simple? Yes, but you have to do it … ceaselessly. For Jardin de Ville, already present in Toronto, the United States and Switzerland, this is just the beginning.


Marcelle Bourque, Carmen Bourque and Johanne Bourque

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