Vienna one of the world’s most beautiful cities


Five days and four nights is not enough to visit Vienna, a central European city with so much to see: the Opera, the Christmas market, museums, the amusement park and cafés, not to mention its architecture and its design. I travelled all over this magnificent city (strictly for your benefit), walking in the footsteps of the beloved princess Sissi, Mozart, and their famous friends. What’s more, the Viennese are remarkably nice. I was struck by their elegance and their simplicity.

I could write pages about my impressions of Vienna. I hope my photos will make you want to visit.

View from Kohlmarkt to Michaelertor and HofburgTwo horses in the Stephansplatz, square at the geographical centre of ViennaSt. Stephen's Cathedral : the Stephansdom
The most popular area in town, the Ring (Stephansplatz), is where you’ll find the Opera, Stephansdom (the world’s tallest cathedral), lots of restaurants and high-end boutiques. It’s Vienna heart.

The Prater I’ve always loved amusement parks. This one, Prater Park, is close to downtown. Every seat on its ferris wheel is a wagon train and the view from the top is truly magical.

1- The magnificent garden at the Natural History Museum (Naturhis­torisches Museum) is in front of the people’s Park (Volksgarten) and close to City Hall and the Parliament buildings. It is a beautiful example of Vienna’s classicism, elegance, and cleanness. / 2- If you love the theatre, go see a show at the Burgtheater, located just across from City Hall (Rathaus) and the Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt). / 3- There are sausage stands all over Vienna. All the Viennese I met said I must absolutely mention them. If you’re feeling a bit hungry between shops or need to take a break, they’re perfect. / 4- The famous Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt). I spent two hours visiting all the stalls and drank some hot spiced wine, a tasty Austrian specialty for when it’s cold and damp outside. A must during the holidays!
The garden at the Natural History Museum (Naturhis­torisches Museum)The Burgtheater, located just across from City Hall (Rathaus) and the Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt)There are sausage stands all over ViennaThe famous Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt)

The Daniel HotelThe Daniel Hotel The Daniel Hotel, a few steps from the Belvedere, has a modern design and is a trendy place to be since it opened this past November 4. I loved my stay here and would return in a heartbeat. Ask for a room with a view of the park – it’s breathtaking.

My favourite find: the M Lounge restaurant. Florian Oswald, the very friendly and communicative chef, has a menu of tapas served in verrines. His culinary approach is healthy and light. For dessert, I strongly suggest his fat-free cupcakes served in a cupthe M Lounge restaurant

Thank you to Theo De Boer and Ulli Leonhartsberger from the Daniel Hotel for their warm welcome.