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The artist speaks about “Besner’s world” as a world apart that he enters each morning when he arrives at his studio. First an architect, then a painter, Dominic has been creating Besner for 16 years now. He translates his moods onto each canvas according to the mood of the moment and he has fun doing it. “If someone lined up the 1,800 paintings I’ve done up until now, they could trace the evolution of the states of my soul! Every piece begins on a black canvas. Black, like the black hole under the bed when we were kids, filled with monsters. My canvas is like that hole, full of the imaginary.”

Five years ago, Michael Mensi, founder of the Mensi & Rioux Agency, and partner with François Lauzon at Galerie MX, wanted to bring back the big events surrounding art exhibition kick-offs – like those for film premiers. After the success of “La démesure des convoités” exhibition that attracted over 1,200 people to the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Mensi wanted to present the world of Besner to art lovers. To celebrate fifteen years of painting, Besner had also been considering a multisensorial event where spectators could experience his universe. That is how MORA was born.

“If humans are descended from monkeys, what is descended from humans?” To find an answer to this profound question posed by physician Hubert Reeves, Besner wrote an urban legend that he commited to illustrating with 35 paintings. Passion for the project caught on quickly. More than 35 gallerists and experienced artists joined project MORA: Guy Caron (Cirque du Soleil), Danielle de Bellefeuille (Artistic director of the Grands Ballets Canadiens and the Fashion Foundation), Alain Dion (Jazz Festival, Star Académie), Martin Lord (René Dupéré, Spectacle K), and the fabulous Diane Dufresne. In total, almost 250 people are hard at work on the project.

Much as he wanted to help with the preparations, Besner decided to trust that to the others. It would be a big job finishing the paintings on time. Since last February, he has been painting seven days a week from morning ‘til night. Like everyone else, he sees scattered pieces of a puzzle right now. “It’s amazing to feel such a surprise being hatched! The city, the people, the beasts, the moods: it’s all starting to take shape. All the efforts I’ve made over the years are coming back to me, like an extraordinary gift. The way artists and fans will interpret my work is part of the gratification and this sort of event can open thousands of doors. The collaborations, the challenges, the possibilities the exhibit presents; it’s stressful, but so much fun!”

[MORA] MORA will be held on November 3, somewhere that remains a secret as this is being written. Collectors from around the world will walk the red carpet. La Cité Besner can welcome 800 visitors. The exhibit will be held at Galerie MX and will be the subject of a published journal. From now until then, a presale of 25 works is being held. To obtain a ticket and for all other information, contact Galerie MX 333, av. Viger, 514 315 8900, [email protected]


Dominic Besner

The thirteneenth element squadrons 48 x 48

The thirteneenth element squadrons 48 x 48

Subliminal 48 x 48

Subliminal 48 x 48

Mordomus 60 x 60

Mordomus 60 x 60

The soreign women are on the station plateform 36 x 72

Photos: Rodrigo A. Gutierrez, Robert Guèvremont(toiles)

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