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Mélissa Lambert

Full disclosure: Having known Mélissa Lambert her whole life —she is my sister's daughter— I had a front-row seat when she started her company Lambert Design in 2017. I thought it was a very daring move at the time, as she had no expertise in the field. However, I was forgetting her determination, audacity and communication skills!

When Mélissa was pregnant with her second child, she came up with the idea of making stylish backpacks for young mothers. Before launching Lambert Design, she had to approach potential suppliers, hire designers to create the first collection, draw up the specifications, find an office, validate the business plan, and start marketing.

Her appearance on the TV show Les Dragons, spring 2018
Beauchamp Gallery
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Mélissa supervising renovations at the new store

With a specialized graduate diploma in marketing communications, Mélissa had the tools she needed to succeed. Therefore, it came as absolutely no surprise when Lambert bags were soon featured in magazines and worn by popular artists, stars, and influencers. A high-profile 2018 appearance on Dans l’oeil du Dragon, the French version of TV’s Dragon’s Den, boosted her brand recognition even further.

The product line boasts a number of new models, and a wider selection of sizes and colours. In addition, more and more people are proudly wearing these vegan leather bags, thanks to the growing number of retail outlets across Quebec.

Mélissa—now the mother of three adorable boys ages 2, 4, and 8—is as busy as ever; she really is on a roll! She also knows how to surround herself with a strong team: today Design Lambert has 11 employees, 180 points of sale (including Simons and Frank and Oak), and I would not be surprised to see her products become available across Canada soon! Moreover, the brand’s first flagship store is opening this fall on the corner of rue Saint-Denis and Avenue Laurier, promising to become an essential destination for fashionistas of all ages.

A woman with vision, don’t you agree?

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One of the first ad campaigns, featuring the very popular Olivia bag
Four of the brand’s 15 models

Cover Image: Lambert Design’s new flagship store at 5085 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal (near Laurier)

Photo Mireille Caza


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