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Majestic Filatures

Quiet luxury that combines comfort and quality.

For over three decades, Majestic Filatures has been creating high-quality clothing that offers the perfect blend of elegance and affordability. Founded in 1989, the company really took off in 1993 thanks to the bold vision of Canadian businessman Brian Cytrynbaum, who has always believed in making luxury accessible, without compromising on quality. A fusion of upscale comfort and sustainability, Majestic Filatures T-shirts are now popular around the world.

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Forward-thinking from the very beginning in the early 1990s, Majestic Filatures adopted a simple but innovative approach for the time: make the T-shirt a sophisticated, timeless, luxury object. Though not an immediate success, the brand grew steadily, becoming the preferred choice of movie stars and finding its way into numerous stores worldwide. Thirty-five years later, it is sold in 54 countries around the globe.

After years of work and development, Majestic Filatures has become a leading player in the fashion industry. Today, the company collaborates with 175 luxury brands and has a presence at 17,000 points of sale. The brand is a favourite among lovers of quiet luxury, thanks to its straightforward, uncompromising approach: clothing that blends quality with refined design.

Behind this success is an entrepreneur with style: Brian Cytrynbaum. His business acumen and commitment to quality have been the cornerstone of Majestic Filatures’ success, as well as its ability to meet the inevitable challenges that have arisen. Though quiet luxury is now on trend, it was not always the case. For many years, logos dominated the fashion industry. Despite this reality, as Cytrynbaum explains, Majestic Filatures continued to focus on subtle elegance. He also believes that today’s consumers are more attuned to a certain level of sophistication. When asked how and why he has succeeded with Majestic Filatures, it’s no surprise to hear him mention hard work, vision, and determination. However, he also stresses having a flair for being in the right place at the right time, a talent he continues to exhibit after working in the industry for 30 years!

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Majestic Filatures essentially entered the market for luxury T-shirts before it even existed. Although there was relatively little consumer demand for this product when the company started out, Majestic Filatures quickly understood that its future success depended on how it positioned its clothing. Instead of aligning itself with other T-shirt brands, it promoted its products alongside major designers, just like a luxury product.

Using a business model that focuses on high-volume production while never compromising on quality, Majestic Filatures has always made its clothing available at an affordable price point. Furthermore, studies have confirmed that the company’s products have the best “cost per wear.” In sustainable fashion, this term refers to the practice of calculating the real cost of a product by dividing its price by the number of times it is worn.

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In other words, the elegance of Majestic Filatures clothing goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility. The company adopted a sustainable approach from the very beginning. Its philosophy (and that of its shareholders) is to provide the best products at the best prices, while ensuring that its operations are eco-friendly. From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, the company incorporates rigorous quality control measures and environmentally responsible practices at every step of the production process. Without selling or marketing itself under “green” standards, the company can truly boast of embodying such standards by offering beautiful, sophisticated, trendy clothing produced with an awareness of its environmental impact. What’s better than ecofriendly luxury at an affordable price?

Finally, Majestic Filatures also epitomizes European-style elegance. All of its clothing is designed in Paris, while the individual pieces—T-shirts, blazers, dresses, etc.—are made with care in Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal. The company also employs fifty or so employees in Montréal, in addition to staff in cities like New York, Miami, and Dallas. That being said, the European design and production behind the exceptional quality of Majestic Filatures clothing perhaps explain why the brand is relatively unknown in Canada. The brand is nonetheless available at numerous points of sale across the country and has attracted numerous followers in Quebec and the rest of Canada. It deserves to be widely known for the many benefits it offers: comfort, distinction, quality, sophistication, and more.

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Over the past thirty years, Majestic Filatures has redefined the industry by proving that luxury can be affordable without compromising on quality. Thanks to its environmentally friendly approach, the company continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion without leaving a large ecological footprint, all while defying conventions and inspiring a global clientele looking for ethical, accessible elegance.

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