Luisa Cerano brand: stylish and feminine clothes

Original title : Luisa Cerano

Luisa Cerano clothing is a creative blend of delicate italian freshness and german ingenuity—an impeccable combination that offers women style and simplicity!

Part of the Hauber Group of Stuttgart, this German label has a flawless pedigree. The parent company founded in 1870 by Ferdinand Hauber is still run by the same family—indisputable proof of the Leuthe dynasty’s expertise. Walter, Michael and Jürgen Leuthe, members of the fourth and fifth generations of the founding family, hold key management positions at Hauber, which also owns the Sporlastic Orthopaedics brand.

Luisa Cerano first appeared in 1998. The label was not actually started by an Italian woman, but the name does evoke the company’s desire to appeal to women looking for European elegance. The first collection, comprised solely of knitwear, was such an immediate success that the company decided to diversify, adding pants, shirts and coats to create a full range of easy-to-match pieces. Today, Luisa Cerano is one of the most sought-after brands among women ages 30 and over.

In a highly competitive market, the Luisa Cerano label has managed to stand out, thanks to the flair of its chief designer, Alexandra Lenz, who distills major international trends and then reinterprets them. Unsurprisingly, she finds much of her inspiration in nature and the arts, as well as online. Her creations are made from the highest quality fabrics, often from Italy, using the company’s German expertise. The Hauber Group is one of the few houses that still cuts and assembles its samples in-house. This blend of talents produces collections that are both simple and sophisticated, with iconic, timeless pieces that can easily transition from one season to the next. The style is fresh, feminine, a little casual, and always focused on quality and comfort.

The best way to see this is to take a look at the brand’s five autumn/winter collections. While the Ecco Greens collection has fun with khaki and artsy prints, Chocolate Baby is softer, and more sensual, offering a plush and sequined look dominated by muted tones. Women looking for a more tailored silhouette will be enchanted by Urban Codes and New Graphics, inspired by London and Berlin fashion, while free spirits will embrace the bohemian vibe of the Arty Nature collection. In a nod to its early successes, the brand continues to offer comfy sweaters and cosy wools. Individually, each garment is distinctive; combined, they create a look—the Luisa Cerano look—that is modern, elegant and laid back, and perfect for today’s self-confident woman.

With 22 showrooms around the world, the company has also opened several shops in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Ukraine to support its brand image. However, its primary ambassadors are retailers and specialized boutiques in 45 countries. The brand’s managers began to build its online shopping presence back in 2018. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process. Though the company has done very well for over 20 years, it now has to think of new ways of doing business to reach its clientele. For the foreseeable future, the in-store experience will become more personalized, and the service and insight offered by sales consultants will be all the more relevant. The situation may in fact be advantageous for a brand like Luisa Cerano, which is built on quality textiles and enduring expertise. After all, these are the elements behind sustainable fashion. Devotees of the label cannot do without these tried and true pieces, and will no doubt find ways to shop for them in stores. As for those who are just discovering the Luisa Cerano brand, find them online!

The pandemic has certainly changed our way of living, shopping, and dressing, but one thing remains a constant: timelessness, and Luisa Cerano is here to stay. and

Luisa Cerano – e-mag

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