Feel The Heat

Bathing suit, SHAN; stilettos, LOUBOUTIN; bag, LAMBERT

L’Essentiel par MF
Mixte Experience

Ralph Lauren blazer and Zegna knit, HARRY ROSEN; pants and bag, LOUIS VUITTON

Dress, LOUIS VUITTON; bag, LAMBERT; bracelets, TRÈS CHIC

Mixte Experience
Mixte Experience
Mixte_Shot_09-0550-final copie (Mixte Mag)

Greta Constantine jumpsuit, and purse, TRÈS CHIC; earrings, LYLA BOUTIQUE

Jacket, knit, and pants, SARAH PACINI; Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, BUI; Tom Ford sandals, HARRY ROSEN

Leather trench coat, GORSKI; pouch, LOUIS VUITTON; Bottega Veneta sunglasses, BUI; earrings, LANVIN

Mixte_Shot_01-0054-final copie (Mixte Mag)
Mixte_Shot_06-0430-final copie (Mixte Mag)

Luisa Cerano shirt, skirt, and flower, Riani blazer, OFÉLIA; Forte Forte shoes and Isabel Marant earrings, BOUTIQUE 4110; bag, LAMBERT

Greta Constantine gown, TRÈS CHIC; Alex Max belt, LYLA BOUTIQUE

Mixte_Shot_02-0144-final copie (Mixte Mag)
Majestic Filatures
Mixte_Shot_05-0315-final copie (Mixte Mag)

Etro blazer and trousers, HARRY ROSEN

Self-Portrait dress, BOUTIQUE 4110
Mixte_Shot_03-0188-final copie (Mixte Mag)
Mixte_Shot_11-0691-final copie (Mixte Mag)

Christian Dior dress and shoes; Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, BUI; Work of art, Jean-Claude Lussier

Marella blouse and trousers, Weekend MaxMara necklaces, and Diane von Furstenberg bag, LYLA; Cutler and Gross sunglasses, BUI; Work of art, Jean-Claude Lussier
Mixte_Shot_04-0277-final-V2 copie (Mixte Mag)

Photos Jean-Claude Lussier

Stylist: Randy Smith

Models: Julia (Public Image Management), and Simon (Next)

Hair and make-up artist: Steeve Daviault (The Project) with products Kerastase

Photographer’s assistant: Mathieu Brisebois Vernet et William Cole

Retouching artist: Virginie Briand

Stylist assistant: Emmanuelle Néron

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