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A Prescription For Healthy Hair

With more than a half-century of experience in the field of hair care, Kérastase is the ultimate authority on hair care treatments. Fans of the brand will be pleased with the launch of Genesis Homme, which offers the perfect combination of scientific innovation and a sensory experience. master stylist David D’Amours tells us more about these treatments created specifically for the hair loss issues facing men.

He styles and pampers our favourite stars. A master of his art, David D’Amours also has a keen eye for the personality and style of every individual he works with. Wanting only the best for his clientele, he has naturally embraced the Kérastase brand, which is launching a new line for men, Genesis Homme. “It’s arriving at the perfect time, because men are increasingly worried by hair loss. It’s a legitimate concern.” This concern is reflected in products created to meet their needs. “What I like about this line is that it recognizes the importance of maintaining the health and vibrancy of our hair, just like we take care of our bodies.” Although the approach is scientific, there is nothing austere about the experience. If one looks at the active ingredients in the formulas, the results generated are similar to those obtained from a medical application. However, the approach used can be described as integrated or even holistic. “The serum, in particular, is quite amazing—a miracle in a bottle that cleanses the scalp. When the collagen fibres surrounding hair follicles harden, they can inhibit hair growth. The serum softens the collagen, which in turn strengthens growing hair,” adds D’Amours.

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This process improves both the quality and look of hair fibres, creating thicker, fuller hair. Applying just a few drops a day can produce results. “The advantage of coming in to the salon is that you can consult with experts directly. We can offer advice that is made-to-measure for each individual. It’s like getting a prescription! Furthermore, Kérastase has developed a full line of products, with complementary treatments that can truly improve the appearance of hair, making it healthier and fuller.” D’Amours is confident that the line, available in hair salons, will become part of male grooming habits because it is so easy to use. “You can start with the shampoo, but once you experience the scents and textures, you’ll probably want to use the other products too.” Not only that, results are visible as early as six weeks. Even sceptics will be amazed!


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