Travel differently

Imagine for a minute having access to the world’s most prestigious villas for your vacation. What would be your dream vacation? Leave with the family to ski in the Swiss Alps? Alone with your partner to enjoy a good champagne beside an infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean, or among friends in Italy living la dolce vita under the Tuscan sun?

The rental of elite luxury villas has become an increasingly fashionable option. Clients seek out services offered by five-star hotels, with privacy being paramount. There’s no requirement to share the spa or pool or to meet other guests. And the choice of villas is very impressive.
At Luxury Retreats, some 2,000 properties are available at more than 50 destinations. The Montreal-based company has become a world leader in the rental of luxury villas built on a reputation acquired catering to a demanding clientele with very high standards. Highly differentiated from the many disembodied and automated villa rental websites, Luxury Retreats by contrast, resembles a hive of worker bees paying close attention to every detail of the customer experience.
In the first step of the process, villa specialists ensure the perfect match between the customer and their definition of a dream vacation. An excellent knowledge of possible destinations, and of those having the best to offer, assist in properly advising prospective clients. Like golf? Propose Barbados or Puerto Rico. Love hiking? They’ll guide you to Costa Rica. You have a passion for history? Mexico could be the right destination for you.
Each of the villas recommended has been vetted, the object of an exhaus­tive tour wherein more than a hundred individual attributes are rigorously verified. Luxury Retreats not only visit the home, but also scout local restaurants and activities to compile client specific ‘to-do’ lists. In short, nothing is left to chance.

Next comes the work of personal concierges, who ensure that every detail is taken care of: airport transportation, car rental, the service of a chef or masseur onsite, boat rental, groceries, hospitality basket, anything is possible. These concierges thrive on the toughest assignments. There’s nothing they can’t do!
Renting a villa can even be economical if you are traveling with friends and you calculate three or four hotel rooms plus restaurant expenses.
Travel differently in the privacy of a dream villa with turnkey services, the ultimate luxury!


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