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Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth: A lighting ecosystem worthy of this emblematic location

For the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel, the satisfaction of guests is the top priority. This commitment, upon which the hotel’s reputation is built, was the inspiration behind the lighting project completed by LightemOtion. The project was certainly ambitious. Updating without losing the original character, subtly making the space shine and transforming the lighting from secondary convenience into a centrepiece of this spectacular modernization required a blank slate and a collaborative approach with Sid Lee Architecture, a firm with which the Lightemotion team has already worked on a number of projects.

A sensory approach
The conceptual approach used by Lightemotion was inspired by the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth’s unwavering dedication to the comfort of its guests. “We created a sensory roadmap based on the sensations we wanted to evoke in each guest. The approach is quite theatrical, where every moment and each space recalls a different facet of wellbeing.” They wanted to create visual comfort, but they also paid attention to the sensations that the lighting would elicit. The crux of this concept, which allows guests to enjoy an impressive series of unique experiences, is the invisible sources of light.

You don’t see the light source anywhere, which gives the space the theatrical ambiance that the designers were seeking. Recessed lighting with an invisible source, lighting concealed at the bottom of staircases, behind the edges of the reception furniture or around the ceiling… Lighting with an architectural touch, playing a role thatwe would more easily attribute to a bank of floodlights, ceiling or wall lights. Throughout, the soft lighting breathes elegant opulence, without being ostentatious, and embodies the quest for modernity that is both timeless and sleek, providing a soothing sense of comfort from the foyer through to any one of the hotel’s 950 rooms.

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Lightemotion deeply appreciates the openness demonstrated by the developer, Ivanhoé Cambridge, as well as the incredible synergy and attentive ear of the Sid Lee Architecture team which, by making lighting a cornerstone of this project from the very first draft, produced a truly sublime final result.

“A hotel is an ecosystem composed of various spaces that meet diverse needs. For The Queen Elizabeth, we wanted to create a web of light –a series of interrelated concepts to provide the link between each of the hotel’s spaces. We wanted to tell a story,”

François Roupinian

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