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Looking to reinvent your vacation? Some options include taking a private jet, renting a private luxury villa, or handing your house keys to an expert who will pamper you as if you were staying in a luxury hotel.

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In light of the dramatic reduction in modes of transportation and access to the world, it has never been more challenging to find the ideal path to rest and relaxation. Those who want to get away from it all must venture off the beaten path and explore new ways of doing things. For Bianca Martel, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vinci Aviation, anything is possible. “You can go anywhere with a private plane; it’s the easiest way to travel. Since you’re in charge of your schedule, you can avoid the stopovers, worries, and inconveniences associated with commercial airlines. A chauffeur picks you up at home and takes you directly to the plane.”

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Another of the many advantages of flying with Vinci Aviation is the extensive safety protocol: the aircraft are disinfected, all seats are occupied by friends and family, and the crew is regularly tested. “Our clientele includes business people as well as older individuals and those in poor health who want to travel safely.” Martel notes that, since the advent of the pandemic, most travellers are opting for long-term stays in places like Florida, St. Barts, and the Gaspé Peninsula. “Our company offers various types of flights. We can provide planes for short hauls or longer flights, depending on the destination and number of passengers. It is just a matter of budget,” she adds, implying that we can all dream…

Rental Escapes, which offers villas for rent around the world, can also help travellers looking for options. No need to surf the Web looking for the ideal vacation home: simply sign in to the Rental Escapes site to obtain the services of a concierge who can offer guidance and help selecting the ideal house for you. This personal advisor will organize your trip, find solutions to all your problems, and satisfy your every need. “Transportation, villa, private chef, boat charters, excursions—we can provide it all,” says Brian Schwimmer, CEO and co-founder of this Montréal-based company that also prioritizes health and safety, regardless of the destination chosen.

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While travel might not always be essential, downtime often is. One way to relieve mental stress is to call on the experienced concierges at Arthur Majordome. They can take care of absolutely everything, from ensuring that the cottage is ready for your weekend getaway to finding the right tutor to help your child succeed in school. “We bring five-star service to people’s daily lives,” explains William Gingras, president founder of Arthur Majordome, The agency handpicks its members so it can provide exceptional, highly personalized concierge services. It offers an innovative way to enjoy that holiday feeling at home as well as when travelling.

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