Unique architecture, semi-rustic decor, distinguished cuisine, social mission… Fogo Island Inn is exceptional in every sense.

A short hop off the Newfoundland coast lies an all white refuge, seeming somewhat incongruous with its architecture and ultra-modern buildings. Like a lighthouse perched on rocky shoreline, Fogo Island Inn truly evokes the rich tradition of Newfoundland.
This pearl totally reclaims and declares its local roots. Beginning with architect, Todd Saunders, a native, with an enviable international reputation. In the kitchen, Murray Macdonald leads a trained team, including personnel recruited in part from the region. The young chef who has worked around the world before returning home, is inspired by local traditions and ingredients that he reinterprets boldly.
In addition to management’s ecological commitment, Fogo Island Inn is in perfect harmony with its environment. The Inn features local handcrafted artisanal work, and a dedicated mission: to promote and contribute to the economic well-being of the community.
A true refuge between land and sea, Fogo Island Inn is a destination where comfort and friends go hand in hand, and visitors will be loathe to leave

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