Barbados: an island with turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Original title : Barbade

In collaboration with Nathalie Guilbert, Voyage VP

My friend Louise and I flew off to explore an exquisite island in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Although Barbados gained independence in 1966, it remains a member nation of the British Commonwealth. It was my first visit to the island and I was enchanted by the warm welcome we received from its residents. With magnificent beaches and eternal sunshine, Barbados offers a wealth of activities, including a variety of water sports of course. Scuba aficionados will delight in exploring one of the many shipwreck sites, while golfers can enjoy superb courses. Thanks to its British history, this small corner of paradise is also home to traditions like afternoon tea, cricket, and polo matches.

Preferring a more private experience in lieu of just any hotel, we decided to stay in Port Ferdinand. The resort’s one to three-bedroom villas offer sweeping views of the marina and the ocean. A well-kept secret, these tastefully decorated accommodations feature high ceilings, marble floors and large terraces, all bathed in exceptional light. Located just minutes away by car or shuttle, the facilities at Saint Peter’s Bay—a sister resort—were also available to guests. Ideal for family holidays, some residences are equipped with private pools and adjoining apartments. Saint Peter’s Bay sits waterfront, overlooking its very own beautiful private beach. Both resorts offer a variety of fine restaurants to suit any time of day.

We took a very interesting guided tour of the island, which gave us an overview of local customs and the history of this small country. We visited wonderful gardens, charming brightly coloured cottages (many of them colonial), beaches with crashing surf, tempting markets and, of course, incredible natural and historic sites. And while we were out, we stopped in a typical Barbadian distillery to try the local rum. After all, the country is known as the cradle of this noble spirit!

When it came to mealtime, we had endless choices, eating very well and often seated seaside. It is important, however, to remember your credit card. To top it all off, the island is home to a vibrant nightlife.

Barbados is an idyllic spot indeed for a holiday in the sun.

Recommandations from Nathalie Guilbert, Groupe Voyages VP

For a relaxed meal and live music.

A remarkable hotel, superb beach and beautiful golf course await.

A great spot for a fancy cocktail, just outside Port Ferdinand.

Admire the marine life in crystal clear water without getting wet by taking a submarine tour. Try a night dive for a unique experience.

Take surfing lessons at Barry’s Surf Barbados, the ideal place to learn the sport.

Rent a car and tour the island, stopping for lunch at this resort. The waves are incredible and the view, spectacular.

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society is located in a UNESCO World Heritage Property. Here you’ll learn the rich culture and fascinating history of this small country.

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