In Montreal, hot restaurants are ones with the ability to surprise sophisticated diners, and have them salivating over an original menu in a creative setting. Soubois and Le Bremner have concocted the perfect recipe. Both are below ground level and attract people with their friendly, intimate ambiance and fabulous food. And both are absolute musts.


Montreal’s newest trendy dining spot has taken over the old Peel Pub/Copacabana space downtown. The seven-person ownership team includes Philippe Blainville, formerly of Flyjin, and Francine Brûlé and Alexandre Brosseau of Les Enfants Terribles. Together, they have made their dream come true by opening a new favourite in a downtown subterranean location. Alexandre had an underground enchanted forest in mind, and that is exactly what he got. With a bold approach and a lot of determination, the owners at Sousbois have created a “bistro du terroir” that is both friendly and sophisticated. Chef Guillaume Daly has designed a menu that features as much local, market-fresh and wild produce as possible, and eaters in the know have been flocking to experience the food. Even the drinks have a local twist: in addition to the 1,800 bottles in the cellar, Soubois offers signature cocktails that are the perfect foil for local products. Innovation and finesse combine in a festive atmosphere, and as the evening progresses, the restaurant takes on a club feel. Who can say no to the call of the wild in the heart of downtown?

1106 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal (514) 564 3672

Le Bremner

Celebrity chef and TV star Chuck Hughes opened Le Bremner in Old Montreal four years ago, featuring a menu based on fish and seafood. New chef Danny Smiles has added lamb and an amazing beet salad, all served by tattooed wait staff in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, you’ll love the rustic décor, which greets you the moment you descend the short stairway into the restaurant. Enjoy a creative cocktail while you peruse a menu on which seafood reigns supreme. With its 40-seat dining room and back terrace, Le Bremner is just full of surprises. This is an animated and unpretentious place you’ll want to return to again and again.

361 rue Saint-Paul Est, Montréal, (514) 544 0446

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