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Once upon a time, on the distant plains of Mexico, lay a dormant volcano. One day, the mountain awoke and erupted, creating fertile soil ideal for the growth of an incredible resource: blue agave. This iconic Mexican plant has given birth to the Volcan Tequila brand, a unique luxury spirit that is revolutionizing the market with its cultural heritage and history.


It all began 200,000 years ago. Following the eruption of the legendary Tequila Volcano, the Jalisco Valley was covered in volcanic soil rich in iron and basalt, the perfect combination for growing blue agave, which Mexicans consider blue gold.

A number of distilleries have sprouted up in the birthplace of tequila over the years, but in 2017, Volcano de mi Tierra, a collaboration between the Gallardo family and luxury group Moët Hennessy, brought the expertise needed to create the refined product Volcan Tequila.

This artisanal spirit, composed of 100% blue agave, is known for its delicate balance of tradition, culture, and modernity along with its complex blend of flavours from the highland and lowland agave.

Volcan de mi Tierra is made with the help of a unique technique. Jimadors (the farmers who harvest agave) start by selecting only perfectly ripe agaves. Using a special knife called a coa, they carefully cut away the leaves from the piña, the succulent core of the plant. Jimadors have traditional local expertise that is both rare and respected.

Volcan de Mi Tierra is made with heart; every team member pledges 100% commitment to making the finest tequila.
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Blending legacy and innovation, using the traditional process of tahona and modern milling machines.

The piñas are then slowly baked in stone ovens before the juice is slowly fermented in wooden barrels, creating a rich, complex tequila, with unique flavours and aromas. Approximately 20 metric tons of agave are baked each week (outside the rainy season to avoid diluting the agave’s natural sugar content) for 44 hours, generating a total of 2,000 litres of agave juice. Blue agave plants take 6 to 8 years to reach maturity. Volcan Tequila is one of the rare tequilas to be produced in its own distillery, at the foot of the volcano.

Furthermore, the Volcan de mi Tierra brand is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by using agave fibre to generate electricity and reduce its CO2 emissions. The company also supports local communities by funding elementary schools in the Jalisco region.

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Made from 100% blue agave with no additives.
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Craft meets with flavour by ageing liquids in delicate American and European oaks.

For connoisseurs of this Mexican spirit, Volcan de mi Tierra features an extraordinary Blanco, which is unaged and bottled immediately after distillation. This clear spirit is the perfect expression of the terroir and an ideal choice for delicious cocktails. Its crisp palate offers notes of fresh mint, citrus, herbs, and spices.

Visit the website for some incredible cocktail ideas!

volcan.com and saq.com

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