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No question about it, 2020 was the year everyone embraced virtual meetings and the Mixte team was no exception. On the chilly morning of December 31, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mylène Poisson and Carl Villeneuve Lepage, sommeliers for the restaurants Maison Boulud and Toqué, respectively. What better way to wrap up the year?

Almost immediately, the somewhat impersonal atmosphere common to virtual events gave way to warm, authentic discussion. Mylène and Carl share a common passion for wine, which has not only brought them together personally—they are a couple—it has enabled them to flourish professionally. Both have won prestigious competitions. Carl was ranked the 26th best sommelier in the world in 2019, 3rd best in the Americas in 2018, and best in Canada in 2017. Mylène was named the second-best sommelier in Quebec in 2017 and was awarded one of the coveted scholarships from Les Grands Chefs Relais & Châteaux in 2012.

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With résumés like theirs, it is hardly surprising that their services are in demand around the globe and that they are employed by two of Montréal’s finest dining establishments. One might think that such prominent sommeliers would focus solely on wines from the world’s top producers, but this is definitely not the case! As Quebecers and award-winning sommeliers, they have made it their mission to promote local products. Despite their international profiles and success, they are passionate about Quebec wines and want to include them on Toqué and Maison Boulud’s wine lists.

While this interest in local wines has always been a key element in their training, the pandemic has given them an opportunity to turn it into an exciting venture—starting their own business. The idea is simple: continue sharing their passion for wine by providing personalized sommelier services. The project also includes the creation of original content featuring both local products and the people behind them. Although Mylène and Carl are definitely passionate about wine, they are even more passionate about people and their stories. They feel privileged to be making short videos documenting their discussions with winegrowers, because they believe that wine is all about meeting people and exchanging ideas.

Let these friendly experts charm you with their authenticity and open-mindedness. An enjoyable experience introducing you to incredible finds that surpass all expectations.

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