Inniskillin, one of the oldest vineyards in Canada

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Original title : Inniskillin

Many wine lovers might not realize it, but the vineyard behind the modern canadian wine industry was founded in Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake region. On July 3, 1975, Inniskillin received the country’s first winery licence since 1929, making it the first estate winery in Canada

Although Inniskillin produces white wine, red wine and even a rosé, it is best known for its excellent ice wine, inspired by Austrian cultivation and production methods. Very familiar with the ice wines made in Germany and Austria, Karl Kaiser, an Austrian native, was among the first winegrowers in Ontario’s wine country to develop this product.

After moving to Canada in the late 1960s and adapting to the harsh Canadian winters, Kaiser recognized that the aromatic thick-skinned Vidal grapes held tremendous potential for a winter harvest. After trial and error, the first ice wine harvest to meet the estate’s standards was made in 1984, and its popularity and production have been growing ever since.

From Ontario to the world
Inniskillin’s ice wine quickly developed an international reputation, thanks to its participation in numerous competitions around the world. In 1991, its Vidal Icewine won the Grand Prix d’Honneur at Vinexpo in Bordeaux. Inniskillin ice wine is now sold in over 80 countries and is the most distributed in the world.

Discovering ice wine
Widely recognized as the perfect end to a gourmet meal, ice wine offers a surprising palette of flavours and refreshing tastes, enhancing the culinary experience in myriad ways. Every year, the vineyard introduces thousands of visitors to ice wine’s great versatility and unexpected characteristics.

A new tasting experience at the vineyard
Nestled in the Niagara Valley, the Inniskillin winery is located right in the middle of the region’s Wine Route, only five minutes from the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. For connoisseurs of fine food and wines, the vineyard also offers several gourmet tasting experiences.

To allow visitors to appreciate ice wine with different types of meals, the winery has teamed up with Toronto chef Kayla Mudford, who now creates all the menus at Inniskillin. Food and wine pairings are offered at one-off or private gourmet events to enable participants to discover all the subtleties of taste and texture found in ice wine. The winery’s restaurant, the Market Grill & Smokehouse, also welcomes foodies in season to enjoy an afternoon of fine cuisine and imbibe in a beautiful natural setting—a harmony of taste on the site of the winery
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