From Montreal to Athens

Today, you can enjoy the chef owner’s signature dishes in multiple cities around the globe. Items like the Milos special.

On March 16, the Milos restaurant in Las Vegas reopened in its brand-new location at The Venetian Resort. The coming months will see other openings in Los Angeles and Dubai. Milos will then boast eleven properties around the world in Montréal, New York, London, Athens, Miami, Los Cabos, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. However, as the saying goes, to find out where you are going, you have to see where you have been, so here is the story of one of the world’s most famous Greek restaurants. Once upon a time, on Parc Avenue…

The Milos brand, now known around the world, was started in Montréal back in 1979 on Parc Avenue, where the legendary Greek restaurant still stands proudly today. It quickly attracted attention for its open kitchen, an unusual concept at the time, and its fresh, high-quality ingredients, many imported directly from Greece.

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The story has it that one day a loyal client asked chef-owner Costas Spiliadis if he would export his concept. Today, outposts of the Milos brand can be found on both sides of the continent. But is the story true?

“Yes, it’s true,” laughs chef-owner Spiliadis. “One of our regular clients, who was always at the restaurant, announced one day that he was moving to New York City for work. The idea of living without Milos was unthinkable for him, so he convinced me to export the concept. And that’s how Milos began its international expansion to New York in 1997.”


Today, you can enjoy the chef-owner’s signature dishes in multiple cities around the globe. Items like the Milos Special (a tower of lightly fried zucchini and eggplant served with tzatziki), Greek tomato salad, and whole fish wrapped in sea salt can be found on the menu of all Milos restaurants.

“The basic menu never changes. However, I like to adapt each menu to the local market,” explains Chef Spiliadis. “Of course, it all depends on the season and what’s available. It’s important for us to offer the best from local producers.”

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Milos has several projects coming up in the next few years. In addition to preparing two restaurants in Los Angeles and one in Dubai, the Milos brand will open a second restaurant in Toronto, Canada, this time.

Finally, Milos will launch its very first boutique hotel in Athens, which will also house a brand-new restaurant of the same name.

“This is the next step for the Milos brand. After all, in terms of hospitality, a boutique hotel is simply a continuation of what we’ve been doing for years: welcoming guests to our establishment to introduce them to the best of Greece,” concludes the chef-owner and soon-to-be hotelier.

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