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7495 rue Saint-Denis

Although Moccione opened on Villeray Street in 2018, that address morphed into a pizzeria during the pandemic. However, the original concept resurfaced last July at a brand-new location on Saint-Denis Street. Moccione 2.0 maintains the focus on the pasta dishes that established its reputation from the day it opened. Made by hand, on site, the pasta draws appreciative crowds to this small Italian neighbourhood restaurant offering simple yet delicious fare. From appetizers to dessert, ingredients are allowed to shine, creating tasty, unpretentious cuisine. House cocktails and European wines round out this charming restaurant’s winning formula.

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47 rue Green (Saint-Lambert)

Many people agree that Primi Piatti is the best restaurant on Montréal’s South Shore. Judging by how hard it is to get a reservation each week, they are probably right! Offering classic Italian fine cuisine, including dishes that have been refined over the years, Primi Piatti promises a gourmet experience worthy of Italy’s finest tables. Sticking close to established conventions, the restaurant serves traditional dishes enhanced by ingredients of unequalled quality and freshness. The team is now serving loyal and new clients alike in a brand-new modern decor. A popular destination since 2008!

Primi Piatti

1879 rue Bélanger

Nestled in the heart of Rosemont, this cozy neighbourhood restaurant has it all: an inspired chef, elegant, locally sourced cuisine, a minimalist decor, and a welcoming ambience. No wonder Mastard made the list of Canada’s 100 best restaurants in 2022 and chef-owner Simon Mathys was named Chef of the Year at the Lauriers de la gastronomie québécoise in June! Mathys has the gift of adding a little je ne sais quoi to just about any familiar dish. Try the five-course tasting menu to discover the full extent of his culinary inspiration. In short, a choice destination for any avid diner—but only during the week, because the team takes a break on the weekend!

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Tres Chic
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4094 rue Saint-Denis

Have a seat and prepare to be amazed by the creative genius of Chef Massimo Piedimonte! After starting out at Maison Boulud and Le Mousso—where he won the One to Watch Young Chef award in 2019 from Canada’s 100 Best—Massimo opened his own restaurant in June 2022. Cabaret l’enfer offers a unique culinary experience in the form of a tasting menu influenced by the “slow food” movement. In an establishment where flavour is king and hospitality is queen, diners are offered a reasonably priced five-to seven-course tasting menu inspired by Italian and French cuisine with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. Beyond that, everything is in the hands of the chef, who enjoys changing the menu regularly—sometimes daily!

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Cabaret l'Enfer
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