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Original title: Bui optométriste – Elegance and innovation

Step into any of the three BUI optométriste stores, and you are greeted by a world of style. For the past 25 years, Dr. Diem Thuy Bui, O.D., has been providing eyeglass frames that incorporate the best in design and innovation. In the welcoming atmosphere of her shops, she offers personalized advice along with meticulous, precise eye exams. Meet a businesswoman whose work is her passion.

Dr. Bui, why did you decide to start Bui Optométriste? Health and fashion are two fields that fascinate me. I love beauty, design, architecture, colour and clothing and have always enjoyed keeping up with the latest trends. I was very hesitant when I was accepted into medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. I needed to find a discipline that matched my interests, something that would involve both medicine and fashion, because I wanted to enjoy doing innovative, extraordinary work. Optometry offers the best of both worlds. Since I wear glasses myself, at a very young age I became aware of the lack of options when choosing frames. The goal of Bui Optométriste is to offer unparalleled service and innovative, trendsetting products in a professional medical setting. Working with ophthalmologists, we offer an incredible selection of fashionable eyewear from designers like Chrome Hearts, Jacques Marie Mage, Brioni, Lindberg, Caroline Abram and Lunetterie Générale.

That’s quite the extensive range of eyewear. We have original, exclusive, creative, designer and fashionable models. Every year I come back from the trade shows in New York, Milan, Paris and Las Vegas with one or two new collections. It is important to anticipate new trends, to take risks. I also look at new eyewear manufacturers entering the market. We were the first to offer the London-based Cutler and Gross brand, 15 years ago. We are leaders in the field. We select brands to reflect the atmosphere and inspiration of our three stores.


Each one of your stores has its own identity. That’s right. Given the neighbourhood’s European flavour, the Outremont location has the ambience of a Parisian artisan perfumery. The clientele is artistic, eclectic, daring and likes bright, unconventional eyewear. The Atwater location is reminiscent of a New York boutique with exposed brick and a more urban, industrial style. Its high-energy clientele includes discerning young entrepreneurs. In Saint-Lambert, I was inspired by the town’s English heritage to use elegant wood furniture to recreate the atmosphere of a London apothecary. The clientele is more traditional with a penchant for beautiful, elegant styles.

What is your vision of the future for Bui Optométriste? My philosophy is passion, innovation and determination. Even though I have worked in this field for 25 years, I am still attuned to my patients’ needs. For instance, in 2019, the Bui Optométriste in Saint-Lambert became the first clinic in southern Quebec to treat dry eye syndrome with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and LipiFlow, two treatments that help restore the functionality of glands in the eyelids, resulting in better tear quality. This problem can affect anyone, especially given the overuse of screens, and will only get worse over time.


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