A taste of coffee: five places to visit in Montreal

Original title : Milk and sugar

Whether you take your coffee black, with milk or sugar (or both!) You’ll have a wealth of options with our roundup of montreal cafés. The next time you’re craving a caffeine fix, pull up a chair at one of these inviting spots.

Bui Optométriste
CV Concept

360 Saint-Jacques street, Montreal


Occupying a former bank built in 1928, Crew Collective & Café is a mustsee in Montreal, if only for the soaring architecture. Many consider it the city’s most beautiful café! In addition to offering delicious food and drink daily from 8 to 8, Crew is a dedicated coworking space. Depending on your needs, you can rent a private workstation (accessible to members 24/7) for a day, week or month. Come and see for yourself!

433 Mayor street, Montreal

Located in a charming downtown space just steps from the Quartier des Spectacles, Café Parvis is a true Montreal landmark, at any time of day. In the morning, commuters come in to pick up coffee and pastries before heading to the office; in the afternoon, it attracts packs of working students; the happy hour crowd fills the space from 5-7PM; and in the evening, customers come for a bite before taking in a show. This light filled (green!) Zébulon Perrondesigned space has found a winning formula, making it a success since its opening over five years ago.

Carpette Multi Design
Roche Bobois

200 Notre-Dame street West, Montreal
151 Saint-Paul street West, Montreal
101 Saint-Paul street West, Montreal

A combination neighbourhood coffee shop, restaurant and bar, Tommy offers a wide selection of hot beverages, wine, beer, bubbly, pastries and light meals, all in a charming setting. The balanced blend of Victorian architecture and mid-century furniture makes this café one of the most photographed locations in the city. Regardless of where you sit in the fabulous multi-levelled rue Notre-Dame location (the first to open), you’ll be surrounded by greenery and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the street. Savour a cup of your favourite joe (or a unique, custom-made blend) in a space filled with natural light.

1524 Notre-Dame street West, Montreal



The first Maman location opened in SoHo, New York, in 2014, offering a charming décor, high-quality coffee, light dishes created with locally sourced ingredients and a relaxed vibe. An immediate success, the popular café began to expand (there are now seven in the Big Apple and one in Toronto), with Montreal’s Griffintown neighbourhood the site of its newest location. We just love their nutritious salads, not to mention the decadent pastries and baked goods. Their famous chocolate chip cookie was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Favourite Things in 2017—and now we know why!



In Montreal :
1000 Sainte-Catherine street West (Club Monaco)
1432 Mackay street
4627 Saint-Denis street


A friendly, welcoming place, Café Myriade has built its reputation on the indisputable quality of its coffee. Working with 49th Parallel Roasters in Vancouver, the chain’s three locations offer seasonal products that vary to reflect what is available from producers in coffee-growing nations who are paid Fairtrade prices. New coffee is delivered every Thursday, only two or three days after being roasted, so it’s always fresh! We’re especially fond of the branch located on the basement level of the Club Monaco store on rue Sainte-Catherine: gorgeous!
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