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The Rules Of Art

Boasting an exceptionally rich architectural heritage, this Westmount home was meticulously remodeled in keeping with its original style by interior designer and architect Martha Franco.

Built in 1912, this property was restored to its former glory while also meeting the needs of its owners, thanks to the work of Martha Franco Architecture & Design (MFA&D). “The clients are big collectors of contemporary art so we worked around this theme in the context of a heritage home,” explains the interior designer and architect, an expert in the field.

Kitchen design and construction, furniture, MFA&D; dining room light fixtures, Gabriel Scott
Nadia Maltais
Design Louis George

With elements like pointed openings, arched windows, woodwork, and mouldings, the home is a seamless blend of modern and heritage. According to Franco, in these instances, it is important to proceed with the utmost care and prioritize the need to respect existing features. She therefore fully restored any damaged, worn elements and took advantage of the opportunity to maximize the inhabitants’ comfort. “The approach was not to go against the grain but to continue in the same vein. The guiding principle was to update the space and incorporate modern comforts.”

Found throughout the home, spectacular oak woodwork was enhanced by a custom-designed stain. “We worked very hard to find the perfect colour.”

Pendant, Nepenthes Cordon by Christopher Boots
Les Enfants Terribles
CV Concept
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In each room, the carefully selected furniture and objects pop because they are both bold and elegant. MFA&D, which offers its clients custom turnkey projects, created most of the furniture. From the sleek design of the living room tables to the eclectic light fixtures like those in the dining room, superb gold and silver accents and decorative choices work together to form a timeless, unique, coherent whole. Just like the works of art collected by the homeowners, the decorative elements were created by internationally known designers.

The designer found inspiration for the wall coverings in the history of the house. “When it was first built, the walls were covered with wallpaper. I decided to do something similar, but with a very contemporary Italian fabric instead. Creating a sort of dialogue between past and present, it is also the type of detail that sets our work apart,” notes Franco.

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Custom furniture, MFA&D; light fixture, Barlas Baylar
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The outside of this beautiful Westmount house features a Saint-Marc limestone facade with copper wrought-iron elements. Old and new work together, just like inside the home, while the garden furniture adds the desired contemporary touch. Isolated from the sounds of the nearby city, the very private backyard completes this exceptional property by offering its occupants peace and quiet thanks to mature trees and luxuriant vegetation.

Cover image: Interior design, MFA&D; tables and end tables, Gabriel Scott; sofa, ottomans, and curtains, MFA&D.

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