Sublissima Gamma!

Gamma furniture collections stand out for their exceptional leathers and flexible design, and the world has taken notice. A discussion with Gabriele Ghetti, founder of the Gamma Arredamenti brand, which has become synonymous with made-in-Italy elegance.

Growing up in a family of leather craftspeople, Gabriele Ghetti likes to say that he was born in leather and has a lifelong passion for this noble, living material. As CEO of Gamma, he focusses on the company’s commercial strategy as well as design. The Gamma collection is popular around the globe because he is always attentive to his customers’ needs and desires. “I take a somewhat transversal approach to my collections, turning to the world of fashion, while incorporating an international style. It’s very important for me to work like this,” he explains in impeccable French with an irresistible accent.

A masterpiece of Italian artisanship, the Cocoon armchair combines a swivel base with a shell of handwoven customizable leather straps.
Gabriel Ghetti (this photo), founder of the Gamma Arredamenti brand, works closely with designer Giuseppe Viganò (photo below).

In 2007, Ghetti met legendary designer Giuseppe Viganò. “He has a specific style and I decided to make a different, more fashion-oriented collection with him; the result was the Dandy home collection for Gamma.” The two men have now worked almost hand in hand for 14 years and their product lines are coveted by clients the world over. The brand offers two complete, high-end collections, created in the company’s Forlì manufacturing plant.


Eighty-five percent of the armchairs, sofas, tables, and other pieces are created using leather sourced from Italy, France, and Germany. Available in 180 different colours, these ultra-comfortable leathers of unsurpassed quality are handpicked to ensure the company gets large pieces with no imperfections. The designers play with other materials, like fabric, to personalize the furniture, adding the perfect final touch in the form of unique finishes. “We employ 15 different types of stitches with the help of sewing machines used to manufacture shoes and bags,” notes Ghetti. This expertise enhances the refined, unique look of his products.

Another distinctive feature: all Gamma and Dandy collection pieces can be used together, creating ensembles with a variety of original styles, depending on the combination.

Essentially ergonomic, Gamma furniture is known for clean lines and an engaging design that accentuates both the leather and the details. Ghetti attends international trade fairs, organizes events and is responsive to his distributors; all of this keeps him forward thinking and ready to review his furniture designs. The Cocoon wing chair, with its leather straps and swivelling base, was inspired by techniques used on outdoor furniture. The Club armchair, on the other hand, is a blend of ultimate comfort, sophistication, and modernity. “We always do something that will appeal to the client,” remarks the designer.

Gabriel Ghetti (photo above), founder of the Gamma Arredamenti brand, works closely with designer Giuseppe Viganò (this photo).
Vienneau Larrivée
Bui Opto
Un Fauteuil Pour Deux
12 Gregory_DandyHomeCollection_6 (Personnalisé)

Gamma makes a point of collaborating with official resellers in every country so as not to create competition among them. This strategic policy enables the firm to meet the specific requirements of each retailer, by changing the density of a sofa’s foam or its base, for example. “In Quebec, we have an excellent partnership, a wonderful relationship with Maison Corbeil, the exclusive representative of our Gamma and Dandy collections,” concludes Ghetti., and

Couture topstitching and leather buckles are distinctive details of the Gregory sectional, which is available in a multitude of configurations to meet the needs of any space.
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