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Elegance and design come together to create alluring home offices, without sacrificing ergonomics or practicality.

Patty Xenos Design has impeccably blended elegance and industrial style in this office space, with an eye-catching window bench for the ideal reading nook. Both casual and functional, the room is personalized with a Roche Bobois shelving unit, showcasing a collection of priceless memories. The touches of blue, the roundness of the Roche Bobois seats, and the natural wood create a soothing atmosphere that fosters concentration and focus. Meticulously planned, a Rimadesio sliding door system, characterized with integrated metal mesh, found at Charles Virone Concept, provides the flexibility to close off the space or leave it open to the adjacent room. Patty Xenos Design,; Roche Bobois,; Charles Virone Concept,

Bui Opto

Available at Kelli Store, Modula is an elegant and sophisticated modular office system that is highly customizable, adapting to everyone’s unique requirements depending on your space. It integrates harmoniously in a room dedicated to work as seamlessly as it fits in a cozy living room or bedroom. Modula at Kelli,

Designer Piergiorgio Cazzaniga neatly portrays his Tense furniture as the manifestation of “intelligent beauty,” achieved through a thoughtful approach and exceptional craftmanship. He describes how his furniture captivates our attention by skilfully highlighting the distinct qualities of the materials used, evoking a powerful emotion. Table or desk to suit your needs, this piece is composed of 3 types of wood: natural oak, carbonized oak, and walnut. It is available in 5 different heights and no less than 36 sizes. A reliable and timeless choice offered at Latitude Nord. Tense by MDF Italia at Latitude Nord,

Les Immeubles Charlevoix
Jewish General Hospital Foundation
Nadia Maltais

The Nasdaq desk from designer Paolo Cattelan bewitches with its monolithic effect and striking silhouette, adding character and refinement to any room. A unique concept; the desk includes drawers that seem to defy gravity. We particularly adore the ceramic version. So majestic! Nasdaq by Cattelan Italia at Maison Corbeil,

Giuseppe Bavuso introduces Francis by Rimadesio, an unprecedented table system characterized by a central line that infuses a contemporary touch to the ancient refectory design. Featured at Charles Virone Concept, the table is available in eight dimensions and a variety of shapes (rectangular, round, and square). Whether you opt for its glass or wood finish, this stunning table is suitable for every environment and can be used as an individual desk or a conference table. Francis by Rimadesio at Charles Virone Concept,

The Gallotti&Radice President Junior 50th at Charles Virone Concept stands out with its shapely curves, favouring ergonomics while infusing the room with a soft ambience. Made of extralight 10-millimetre tempered glass, this desk is embellished with an exclusive criss-cross gold finish. Limited edition. Gallotti&Radice President Junior 50th at Charles Virone Concept,

Simplicity and style define the Fiam desk from Rialto, made of curved glass. This minimalist table, featured at Avant-Scène, takes up little space and harmonizes well with both classic and contemporary interiors. Its tabletop remains clear thanks to the addition of an opaque lacquered wood or leather drawer unit, available in white or black. Fiam by Rialto at Avant-Scène,

Très Chic
Les Immeubles Charlevoix

The chairs from the Arco Close family, available at Kelli, are utterly charming with their rounded backrests pleasantly moulding to your body to provide superb seating comfort. The collection boasts various seating options, including Close Plus (with a wheeled base), Close Bench, and Close Lounge. The latter two can also be used as elegant dining chairs, adding a touch of class to your space. Here they are paired with Essential, a versatile wooden table. Close and Essential by Arco are available at Kelli,

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