Flou – The Allure of the Ultimate

Underneath their stylish outer appearance, beds from the great Italian design firm Flou conceal the results of high-quality ergonomic research, thus combining the aesthetic with the indispensable.

Rosario Messina, founder of Flou, loved to say that he did not sell beds, but wellness. The great Italian firm has always blended style with function, thinking of details that ensure a pleasant, peaceful sleep, in everything from the base to the mattress to the duvet. “When you talk about design, it is easy to focus on the aesthetics of an object. However, design also involves function,” explains Bernard Vachon, Flou’s business development manager for Canada and the United States. Though the Italian company has long made beds with bases of multilayer beechwood slats that can be adjusted for rigidity and interchangeable fabric covers, several years ago it brought out another innovation—the MOTION 4 bed base. Although this type of system did indeed exist before, Flou has perfected it with intensive research on the body and ergonomics that nonetheless does not compromise the elegance of its products. “All 25 Flou bed models can be equipped with this system, which blends in perfectly,” confirms Vachon, noting the various mechanisms and functions.

Carpette Multi Design
Design Louis George
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What one finds underneath these beds is truly as impressive as what is on top! The lightweight aluminum base features an ingenious system of thermoplastic buffers and is set in motion by four electric motors that can independently customize the position of the head, shoulders, legs, and feet. Double-size beds consist of two independent bases that can be adjusted synchronously or asynchronously, to meet the needs and expectations of each sleeping partner. The motors can be activated using the remote control, a smartphone, or a tablet. The company also provides three preprogramed positions: Reading, for those who enjoy reading in bed; Relax, to dissipate the stress and tension of the day; and Chaise Longue, a half-seated position with the knees slightly elevated to relieve the body from the gravitational forces at play when one is standing or lying down. Blood flow is improved, leading to relaxation before a restful sleep. “In this position, the body feels as if it is floating in water or space,” explains Vachon.

From the longevity of models like the Nathalie bed, which received the 2020 Compasso d’Oro prize in Milan in recognition of its more than 40 years of existence, to the sinuous framework and elegance of the Gaudí bed and the company’s wide range of products designed for the home, it is easy to be attracted by the appearance of Flou products. However, in the true spirit of design, their beauty merely complements their function.

flou.com and maisoncorbeil.com

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