A Singular Design

Remarkable yet discreet, this comfortable, light-filled single-storey home stands out for its unique layout, designed as a journey of discovery through space.

Architect, Blouin Beauchamp Architectes; designer, Marie Lévesque; general contractor, Parma Construction; landscape architect, Guillaume Perreault, Aménagement paysager Uni-Vert; slate, Ardobec; interior and exterior cedar cladding, Groupe Concept PV; garage doors, Portes JPR
L'Essentiel par MF
Sofa and leather armchairs, Latitude Nord; home automation and audio systems, KébecSon; windows, CERO par NanaWall, Groupe Cubo

This house has an unusual origin story. The owners actually began looking for a waterfront lot after impulsively purchasing a Riva speedboat! “We didn’t have anywhere to use the boat and weren’t interested in getting a cottage, so it sat in storage until we saw this property—it was love at first sight.” With two detached cabins that could be torn down, the linear lot was the ideal spot for building a home to meet the owners’ particular needs that would preserve the canopy of mature trees, maintain some privacy from the public road, and orient the home towards the water and setting sun.

The couple was looking for a California-style house focused on indoor-outdoor living, but with a Quebec twist. They also wanted a timeless design that would endure for years to come, a layout that gradually opened up to the interior spaces, an unconventional modular area, and the seamless integration of an extensive garage. “We had a very detailed list of requirements and Alexandre Blouin really understood what we were looking for,” notes one of the owners. The project was therefore a collaborative effort involving the owners, the team at Blouin Beauchamp Architectes, and the general contractor.

Sofa and leather armchairs, Latitude Nord; fireplace, Poêles et Foyers Rosemont; home automation and audio systems, KébecSon; windows, CERO par NanaWall, Groupe Cubo
Les Immeubles Charlevoix
Très Chic
Archimed Studio
Frederique Constant
Ile-Bizard_08003_RThibodeau (Mixte Mag)

Connecting the inside to the outside, the sunroom’s wood ceiling extends out to the patio.

Both inside and outside the home, the architect played with slate and wood, as well as horizontality and verticality. In the spatial design, the garage section and living area overlap somewhat, separated by an interior corridor leading to the lake view. The two wings are symmetrical, made of identical building materials and with no indication of which area is for cars.

Ile-Bizard_07666_RThibodeau (Mixte Mag)
Ile-Bizard_07413_RThibodeau (Mixte Mag)
Design and construction of built-ins, Ébénisterie Louiseville; office chair, Gabriel Ross; home automation and audio systems, KébecSon

Wood is used throughout the house for ceilings, floors, and built-ins, creating the welcoming atmosphere the owners wanted. In addition, vertical wood slats surround the central atrium. “The slat walls define a space designed to be a transitional zone in the journey from the front door to the patio,” explains Blouin, managing partner of Blouin Beauchamp Architectes. “Topped by a skylight, the area has a small reflecting pool, over which ephemeral plant spheres are suspended to create a focal point. The extensive glass roof diffuses natural light into the heart of the house all day long.” This special, relaxing space also serves to separate the bedrooms from the common areas.

On the lake side, oversized concrete slabs cover the floors, creating a flowing sense of well-being from inside to out. “The materials used for this project were key: brick cladding, concrete slabs, as well as slate blocks, which add a bold, unconventional touch,” notes the architect. For example, slate covers the wide steps leading down to the infinity pool, in perfect harmony with the lake beyond.

Ile-Bizard_08361_RThibodeau (Mixte Mag)
Landscape architect, Guillaume Perreault; garden furniture and fire table, RH; windows, CERO par NanaWall, Groupe Cubo

Cover Photo: BReflecting pool: technical design, Girard-Hébert ingénieurs; construction, Northstone; stone, Ardobec; hanging plant balls, Planterra; painting, Mégane Fortin; skylight, CERO par NanaWall, Groupe Cubo; wooden screens, Ébénisterie Louiseville.  


Photos Raphaël Thibodeau

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