Ce revêtement d’inspiration européenne allie la chaleur et l’élégance du bois véritable.

NewTechWood’s : the warmth of genuine wood

NewTechWood Canada’s composite siding is great to achieve a modern look. This European-style product brings together the warmth and elegance of genuine wood. However, composite wood asks for very little maintenance compared to ordinary wood while resisting better to fading, mould, and stains.

Trendy, stylish

Skilled designers can combine different materials such as stone or brick to bring harmony in or add variety to their creations. Contrasts can also be achieved by mixing lighter and darker shades.

The castellated panels come in seven popular wood-like tones. The Brazilian Ipe, Peruvian Teak, and Australian Red Cedar nuances will be fantastic to mimic wood. Roman Antique, Silver Gray, Hawaiian Charcoal, and Ebony will excel at producing a modern style.

When it comes to design, display plays just as much a role as the choice of materials and colours. NewTechWood Canada’s fluted siding comes in two panel profiles to multiply style variations: Norwegian Castellation’s thin and Belgian Castellation’s large strips. These can also be installed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle to create unique wall patterns.

modlife home & newtechwood canada fluted wood-like cladding
exterior fluted wall panels by newtechwood canada composite wood

Vertically fluted siding

Vertical cladding achieves great modern contemporary looks. It is best complemented by a darker shade – try Brazilian Ipe. Adding highlights of colour to a building’s exterior walls will bring forward structural elements while accentuating heights.

Norwegian Castellation cladding

In this image, the Toronto-based architecture firm SMPL Design worked with Norwegian Castellation cladding.

smpl design & newtechwood canada composite wood fluted siding
textured wall panels by newtechwood canada composite wood

Safe for the health

You may use NewTechWood Canada’s siding inside and outside constructions; it does not produce health-damaging air particles.

Fluted composite wood panels are the best, almost maintenance-free alternative to regular wood for siding, privacy walls, ceilings, and soffits. The protective 360-degree caps on all fluted siding products withstand staining, fading, scratching, cupping, swelling, mould and mildew.

Horizontally fluted panels

Horizontal siding conveys a simple beauty, especially when adorning the entire length of buildings. Take advantage of large windows or a modern-style front porch to disrupt linearity and bring those elements out. Designers recommend soft or medium-light shades such as Peruvian Teak to make the most of this display.

With its series of rectangular parapets and indentations, this European-style siding has become a popular choice in commercial buildings and residential housing. Designers will sometimes alternate the panels’ indentations to increase texture in accent walls.

teak horizontal exterior wall panels by newtechwood canada
modlife home & newtechwood canada fluted composite wood siding

Composite wood: ideal for Canada’s big climate changes

The technology engineered in NewTechWood’s composite helps it withstand huge climate variations. Composite wood is resistant enough to water and humidity to be used in docks and boathouses. It’s also tough enough to withstand the constant humidity and salty air of the British Columbia coastline. Being so resistant, composite holds it better together than ordinary wood, so avoids damaging its fibres.

NewTechWood Canada’s castellated wall panels benefit from the Ultrashield protection. Products are impressively durable while being eco-friendly and entirely recyclable. No wonder why the architecture firm Mod Life Inc chose the Norwegian original fluted siding for its Mississauga’s BeechWood project.

Decorative panels and original siding available in Canada 

As mentioned, NewTechWood Canada’s fluted panelling is safe inside the home. Use it in many ways in different rooms. Its Ultrashield Technology makes this composite wood capable of withstanding high-moisture environments such as bathrooms and indoor pools. 


water-resistant fluted panels, newtechwood canada composite wood
composite wood fluted panels by newtechwood canada

Create wall accents indoors

Work from a plain, wide wall with plenty of natural light. In confined places, try highlighting an element of decor. You can wrap European-style siding around a kitchen island or even use fluted panels to decorate a fireplace, as long as clearances are respected.

This is the new, durable trend

An increasing number of owners are considering NewTechWood Canada’s original composite fluted siding inside and outside houses, condos, offices, and commercial buildings. Designers can work with this elegant type of panelling to sketch elegant and virtually maintenance-free projects. Builders, too, like these products: not only are they durable, but they can also be installed in a snap using standard timber tools.  

Find out more about NewTechWood Canada’s original fluted siding

exterior wall panels by newtechwood canada composite wood
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